10x Mouthpieces Funnel Beer Bong + 1x Ball Valve

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The coolest, smartest and most practical accessory at all parties these days. Now you do not need to share spit with everyone. Bring along your very own mouthpiece for funnel beer bongs.

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Product Details
10x Mouthpieces Funnel Beer Bong + 1x Ball Valve
10 pcs. Mouthpieces with 1 ball valve
10 cm
Ball valve Is suitable for every funnel beer bong, double funnel beer bong, 4 double funnel beer bong, funnel beer bong deluxe and double funnel beer bong deluxe


  • Now you have 2 ball valves, but you only need 1. In both ends of the ball valve, the red fitting has to be placed in both ends
  • Then - Remove the red fitting from the new ball valve and attache it to the old ball valve placed on your funnel beer bong. Now, you ball valve attached to your funnel beer bong has 2 fittings and the other ball valve has fitting, your usually drink from
  • Afterwards, you attach a green mouthpiece to the ball valve with the to fittings on your funnel beer bong
  • Now, enjoy your beer bong and remember to change the mouthpieces

Bring along your own mouthpiece for a funnel beer bong and make sure, you do not need to share spit with anyone else. Also, they fit perfectly in a back.

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