About Thebeerbong.co.uk


Quality, reliability and service are the keywords behind Thebeerbong.co.uk.

Thebeerbong.co.uk is a shop that supplies party people with everything from cheap Beer Bongs, strong quality Beer Bongs that are a private label (Viking Beer Bongs) to all kind of different Party Gadgets. We are the biggest Party Gadget Supplier in Europe and it does not matter whether you want something for the pre-party, the festival camp, the garden party or the Beer Pong tournament at the bar – we have everything! Everybody has once tried to be young and with Thebeerbong.co.uk it stays that way!

Thebeerbong.co.uk has Beer Bongs for any occasion and for every purpose. We have almost every beer bong on the market and, in addition, we provide a price guarantee. The range complements both the high quality- and function-conscious customer as well as the customer who wants the cheapest beer bong on the market. In addition, it is possible to purchase various festival accessories, party gadgets and drinking games.

Besides online sales, we also sell to bars and discos that host theme parties or just need standard gadgets for the bar. Thebeerbong.co.uk works with bars and firms, and hosts events such as beer pong tournaments, flip cup tournaments, beer bong tournaments etc. It is our experience that a funny event hosted by us helps kickstarting the party.

Once we have received your order, the gadgets will be shipped within 24 hours and delivered at your doorstep by GLS within 1-3 days.


The webshop Thebeerbong.co.uk is owned by J. Enggaard ApS and is run by Joachim Enggaard. Besides Thebeerbong.co.uk, J. Enggaard ApS owns the Danish webshop www.Oelbong.dk and the German webshop www.diebierbong.de.


Thebeerbong.co.uk uses GLS as freight supplier in Europe – so we can guarantee the highest delivery safety possible. By ordering before 12.00 PM, your order will be shipped the same day and you will receive within 1-3 days.

The concept started back in 2005 and since then, the owners Joachim and David have developed and innovated the idea of a Beer Bong and have continuously developed the Viking Beer Bongs.

The first page of Thebeerbong.co.uk was established in the year 2016, while the underlying company J. Enggaard ApS was established in the year 2015.

There is a great desire to make Thebeerbong.co.uk visible, which is why Thebeerbong.co.uk shows up for various festivals across Europe and events at bars. We hope to see you the next time we are out and making ourselves visible.

CVR-no. DK-37233978. The location of warehouse and headquarters: Springbjergvej 16, 7183 Randboel Denmark


Thebeerbong.co.uk wants to welcome the party lover with a wide selection of the newest and hottest party gadgets on the global market, and at the same time perform customer service and orders effectively and satisfying.


Thebeerbong.co.uk has visions about growing to become a successful international gadget pusher!

  • Spread happiness, competition and joy.
  • Offer Beer Bongs, Drinking Games and Party Gadgets at all levels of quality and for different tastes.
  • Being trendsetter on the global market with new and attractive party gear.
  • Be the preferred Beer Bong and Gadget supplier in Europe.

NB! The products on this webshop are to be used RESPECTFUL and with CARE and we emphasize that consumption of alcohol should be kept at an acceptable level.

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