Beer Pong Golf Single

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Beer Bong Golf is a genius game for every party! It's ideal when different challenges or prizes are on the line! is the exclusive retailer of this product in all of Europe.

  • Beer Pong Golf Single
  • 1x Golf Field in a very solid quality 
  • Fold-out legs
  • Materials: Metal contruction and artificial turf
  • Size: 100x60 cm
How to play
  • Line up your game
  • Play as you would a regular beer pong game
  • Hit the balls in your opponents cups and eleminate them one by one
  • The one with cups left is the winner
  • Regulate the rules as you please as there are many possibilities with this game
  • Try placing different prizes or challenges written on paper in the cups.
Beer Bong Golf is a fun and challenging game of beer bong. It's perfect for the golf enthusiast who want's to challenge himself and his friends! 
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