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Professional Beer Pong Table with unique Flip Cup drawings on the sides. Cool and stylish design that fits every event! - Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!


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  • Beer Pong Table with black print and with Flip Cup options
  • Scratch-free and waterproof playing surface with the best print quality online
  • Size unfolded: 240x60x70 cm (folded 62x62x14 cm)
  • Portable with handles
  • Upgraded: 0.5 cm thick playing surface + aluminum cross under each playing surface
  • Highest quality of Beer Pong Tables with adjustable height
  • Weight: 11 kg House Rules

The leading and most preferred supplier of Beer Pong Tables, Red Cups, Blue Cups and Beer Pong Balls in The UK.’s Beer Pong Tables and Beer Pong Sets can be found in numerous bars and nightclubs all over Europe. We are your ambitious Beer Pong supplier! 

The Beer Pong Table can be folded together and is very easy to transport in case you are hosting a party or Beer Pong tournament in another place. This Beer Pong Table also comes with a possibility to play flip cup on the sides of the table. In that way Flip Cup can be played in the right conditions.’s own production and design! wants the costumer to have the best quality and the best prices. Also we can offer a wide amount of cool Beer Pong Tables.

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