Double Bottle Beer Bong

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Double bottle beer bong for the ultimate beer-lover! Impress your friends by shooting down not one but two bottles at the same time with this fancy double bottle beer bong!
  • Double Bottle Beer Bong
  • Upgraded version for two beers

Recommended approach:

  • Buy the bottle beer bong here
  • Open the bottle and place the tube in the bottle outlet
  • Place the party shooter on top of the bottle
  • Place a finger where the tube is sticking out of the bottle beer bong
  • Place the party shooter and bottle at your mouth and release the tube - BOOM!! Drink up!

Maybe you are familiar with the regular bottle beer bong? This double bottle beer bong is your opportunity to down two beers at the same time! Show your friends how it's done with this upgraded version of the classic bottle beer bong. 

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