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Drinking Games for everyone! What is a party without Drinking Games? Set up your party with some of these Drinking Games today. Beer Pong Table, with cool après-ski print on, in a great quality with price guarantee! Do not forget the classic games with Dice cup and dices or a redeveloped Drinking Jenga.

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  1. 26 NEWS
    Drinking Tic Tac Toe In Glass
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    A real party starter! Compete against your friends in good old tic tac toe with a twist.

    £ 11.50
    £ 8.50
  2. 22 NEWS
    Drinking Ludo In Glass
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    A real party starter! Drinking ludo in a nice glass version.

    £ 18.50
    £ 14.50
  3. 24
    Shots Roulette
    In stock

    The Shots Roulette drinking game makes for the perfect entertainment at any party that needs it!

    £ 16.90
    £ 12.90
  4. 50
    Party Bingo
    In stock

    It is well known that the bingo games are now invented with the sole purpose of entertaining people during CELEBRATIONS.

    £ 14.90
    £ 7.50
  5. Nail 16 cm, 110x
    In stock

    This 16 cm nail is a perfect size to use in the tree stump. The perfect length if you and you're friends prefer a longer game and are ready to use some extra powers. 

    £ 31.00
  6. Nail 13 cm, 140x
    In stock

    Nails 13 cm is the perfect size for the tree stump. Challenge your friends in this fun game and find out who is the best, with a hammer in his hands!

    £ 22.90
  7. 18
    Hammer and nails game
    In stock

    A drinking game that is as simple as it can be. Turn your nails in faster than the others and you have won. An absolutely classic drinking game, which often are used both indoors and outdoors.

    £ 39.90
    £ 32.90
  8. 16 NEWS
    Mini Table Hockey Foosball Winner
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Fun and easy game that sets the fun in motion. Who is the fastest?

    £ 18.50
    £ 15.50
  9. Jenga Giant Sized
    In stock

    Jenga Throw 'n Go Giant Sized, is the obvious choice for a gathering in the garden or similar parties.

    £ 49.00
  10. 40
    Poker Set Deluxe
    In stock

    Poker set in stylish aluminum case. This poker set offers both top-quality and cool design inside. The Poker set you proudly show off when you meet with the lodge!

    £ 66.90
    £ 39.90
  11. 20
    Shuffleboard Mini 2
    In stock

    Shuffleboard Mini is a great game that is about precision and technique. In the game you have the opportunity to challenge your friends to hit the most points on the “mini” field.

    £ 45.90
    £ 36.90
  12. 20
    In stock

    Shock-game is designed find the biggest chicken amongst your friends – if you’re too slow on the tricker, you get shocked.

    £ 34.50
    £ 27.50
  13. Shock Band
    In stock

    Shock band is an incredibly fun gadget – make your friend wear it and give him/her a shock when he/she least expects it.

    £ 24.90
  14. Klask
    In stock

    The perfect family game! No matter the age this game will get the fun competition going! A great alternative to the classic board games. 

    £ 29.90
  15. Twister
    In stock

    Everyone knows the classic game of Twister! Spin and test the flexibility of the players by making them place their hands and feet on the colourful mat. The one last standing will be the winner! 

    £ 23.90
  16. KUBB BEX Family
    In stock

    KUBB BEX Family is the ultimate fun outdoor game for the entire family! This will keep you occupied all summer! 

    £ 19.90

Dinking games offer you a wide range of possibilities, which are why you must ask yourself; which products are most suited for my next party. As mentioned above, Beer Pong Tables are very popular products today, and with the acquisition of a Beer Pong set you can arrange your very own Beer Pong tournament. These can also be bought separately. With all of these parts in order for your party, you can have your own Beer Pong tournament for your friends at home. Beer Pong is an always fun and challenging drinking game, which only gets harder as the beers go down the throat and the amount of alcohol in your blood rises. The question is if you can hit the Red Cups with Pong balls when you've got something to drink, and if you even dare to challenge anyone?

The more classic game is Jenga - but have you tried this Drinking Jenga? There are 16 drinking challenges along the way on the 60 wooden bricks and four shots glasses. In other words, there are no excuses - this game delivers hours of fun. As the alcohol intake is increasing, the game automatically becomes more fun and challenging for everyone.

Everyone knows the feeling of arriving empty-handed at a party where the same music is playing, the same people are attending and the same boring card games are being played. Try something new and check out our great selection and make your next party the one you remember. The party everyone will look back at because you brought a new fun game to the table - the game that will be brought to every party from now on.

If you are going on holiday down south with the lads there are a few must-have gadgets! Pool beer pong, Spin shot and poker has to be in your luggage! During the day, you are playing Beer Pong in the pool or the sea – later on in the evening, you are testing each other in Poker to find the true champ while you at the same time dare each other with Spin shot.

Maybe the Festival is just around the corner – Festival game no. 1 is of course Beer Bowling! This is indispensable at your upcoming Festival and in this version you get a real leather ball and real bowling pins. When that game is bought, you will of course need dice cups with dices to play a ton of Drinking Games in the damp. This is a must-have for your next festival or garden party!

Roulette is the classic game when it comes to gambling, but have you tried our Drinking Game version of Shots Roulette? If you have not, then you need to order it. This is a classic with the ability to get through a lot of exotic drinks along the way. An alternative of Roulette is Party Bingo. Fill up the shot glasses, turn the handle and hope for the best

If you’re more into the classic drinking games with cards or dices, we of course have these varietys too for your party. Drinking games are a natural part of your celebration!