Fire Extinguisher 5 kg Refill

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Super cool fire extinguisher for your buddys next birthday when he turns 25 or 30, for either cinnamon or pepper. The fire extinguisher can be refilled again and again. Add pressure yourself through the pressure valve

  • Fire Extinguisher 5 kg Refill
  • For cinnamon, pepper or similar
  • Add pressure yourself through the pressure valve
  • Pressure: 28 bar
  • Size: H44xD15 cm 
  • Weight: 5 kg

How to prepare the Fire Extinguisher:

  • Fill in contents in the fire extinguisher
  • Unscrew the blach handle that open and closes and fill with cinnamon, pepper or similar.
  • When the fire extinguisher is filled with the requred quantity, turn back on the handle again. 
  • Unscrew the handle in front of the hose
  • Attach a suitable mouthpiece to your compressor that fits the fire extinguisher
  • Open/press the handle so the valve opens
  • Apply pressure to the fire extinguisher with a compressor - up to a maximum of 28 bar
  • When the fire extinguisher has the pressure you want, release the handle so the valve closes
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece from the compressor 
  • Screw on the hose 
  • Done and ready! 
Note: The above is only a guide and is one's own responsibility.

At, you get a super cool recyclable fire extinguisher, which in you can fill what ever you prefure. Easy to use and a safe entertainment for your next big event. 

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