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The ultra popular American game "Flip Cup" has come to stay. Buy the perfect cups for a perfect game of Flip Cup. Who has the best team?

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  • Flip Cup set
  • 25x Red Cups SOLO (0,47 l)
  • 25x Blue Cups SOLO (0,47 l)

The game - Short briefly:

  • Team Red cup vs. Team Blue cup
  • Indoor: Use 2 cups pr. person (drink one of them and flip the other)
  • Outdoor: Use 1 cup pr. person (drink and use the same cup)
  • Place your cup on the edge, flip it 180 degrees so it lands upside down
  • The team who are the fastest win. BOOM!
  • With this package you can play 12 vs 12 indoor and 25 vs 25 outdoor.

Buy the game now, show it to your friends, and see how the party suddenly reaches a COMPLETELY new insane level! Cheers and enjoy.


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