Funky-Flunky Sæt

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Funky-Flunky is the ultimate drinking game to play in the garden at night.

Available on 23. Sep
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  • Funky-Flunky Set
  • LED-bottle
  • LED-ball
  • Instructions
The Funky-Flunky Set is a fun and entertaining game. In this game, the idea is to find out, whom is apple to drink a drink the fastest. 
It is brilliant to all the different garden parties and festivals, as it can be played in the dark as well. 

The game - Short briefly:

  • You play two teams against each other
  • Every player has a drink in front of you on the ground
  • The bottle is placed in the middle of the field - This is the target
  • When you hit the bottle with the ball, you and your teammates start drinking your drinks
  • Meanwhile, the opposite team replaces the bottle and gets the ball to their starting point
  • The team, whom drinks all their drinks the first, is the winner
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