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A drinking game that is as simple as it can be. Turn your nails in faster than the others and you have won. An absolutely classic drinking game, which often are used both indoors and outdoors.

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    • Hammer and nails game
    • 1x Heavy steel bricklayer hammer with an ergonomic rubber handle of 600 grams
    • 1x Steel wire 2 meters long and Screw to wood block
    • Nail sizes: 13x0,46 cm, 16x0,55 cm and 21x0,7 cm
    • Choose nails in dropdown menu 1
    • Choose stump in dropdown menu 2

The game - Short briefly

  • Version 1: Hit your own nail down before your opponent
  • Version 2 (for advanced): The first and last nail down, lose
  • Explanation: Here you can hit on your own and your opponents´ nails
  • On this way you lose if you become the first og last one down
  • Når dit søm er slået i må du ikke slå mere på de andres søm

The reason for the choice has just fallen on a bricklayer hammer is simple! Participants must be able to challenge themselves. For many, it is appropriate to turn to the “regular” impact, while others want to challenge themselves with the difficult / narrow heeled. It’s all about keeping the balance and be very sharp and accurate with your punches, to win the game. Show your friends that you are better to hit the nail on the head than they are!

The game can be played on the simple way when it comes to hammer your own nails in the fastest and thereby avoid any penalty loser might have. Another classic option is that both the first and the last to get knocked his nails in have lost. Here, all players go after each other’s nails.

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