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Do you love playing outdoor drinking games? Or just games? Then Ladder Golf is just the thing for you! If you haven’t tried it before, then try it out now!

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  • Ladder golf
  • 6x Bolas in two different colors
  • One Bola is a string with a golf ball in each end)
  • Size: 90x60x60 cm
  • Material: Tree

The game - Short briefly

  • The game is about getting 21 points first
  • You get points, if your Bola spins around one of the 3 levels
  • Top step = 1 point, Middle step = 2 points and lower step = 3 points
  • Throw 3-5 meters from the ladder
  • You must hit exactly 21 points, do you hit more than 21, the round is wasted
  • You get 1 extra point if all your bolas spins on the same level or one of each level

Ladder Golf is an excellent game, where you can be many players involved. You can have the ladder golf with you anywere.

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