Lie Detector

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Find out your best friends deapest and darkest secrets with this Lie Detector.

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  • Lie Detector
  • High/lov shock effect
  • LED light to indicate false or truth
  • Hand strap for maximum shock effect
  • Age: 14+
  • Introductions included
Do you need more excitement at your next party? Then this Lie Detector is an obvious choice. It is fun, it is excited and it is revealing. 

The game - Short briefly:

  • Strap your hand to the Lie Detector
  • Press reset and then press the button "Analyse" 
  • The Lie Detector will run a baseline, and then it is ready for you to ask your questions
  • The person, strapped to the Lie Detector, answer the question honestly, or the person will get shocked
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