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  1. 5
    In stock

    The perfect family game! No matter the age this game will get the fun competition going! A great alternative to the classic board games. 

    £ 36.50
    £ 34.50
  2. Nail 13 cm, 140x
    In stock

    Nails 13 cm is the perfect size for the tree stump. Challenge your friends in this fun game and find out who is the best, with a hammer in his hands!

    £ 22.90
  3. Nail 16 cm, 110x
    In stock

    This 16 cm nail is a perfect size to use in the tree stump. The perfect length if you and you're friends prefer a longer game and are ready to use some extra powers. 

    £ 31.00
  4. Fire Extinguisher 5 kg Refill
    Out of stock - available on 11. Mar

    Super cool fire extinguisher for your buddys next birthday when he turns 25 or 30, for either cinnamon or pepper. The fire extinguisher can be refilled again and again. Add pressure yourself through the pressure valve

    £ 35.90
  5. 29
    Beer Shotgun Keychain
    In stock

    This cool Shotgun keychain is easy to bring along because of its size. But it in your key bundle and you will always be ready for a quick beer or to challenge your friends. 

    £ 4.90
    £ 3.50
  6. 18
    Smash Ball
    Out of stock - available on 7. Mar

    This fun game is perfect for a day out in the sun or a trip to the beach with the friends. Anyone can join beacuse it is easy to lean, but still challenging! 

    £ 41.90
    £ 34.50
  7. Neck Fan
    In stock

    This neck fan is easy to bring along on a hot summerday, or just for a day in the garden. Keeping both hands free at the same time, and is therefor very pratical if you have some work to do!

    £ 7.90
  8. Buzz Shot Game
    In stock

    If you loose the buzz shot game you do a shot. Drinking a lot means the game gets more complicated which also means that this game has the cabability of making you and your friends really drunk!

    £ 10.90
  9. 29
    Christmas Beer Helmet
    In stock

    The Christmas-themed beer helmet is a fun present for christmas games as well as the ideal accessory at the next Christmas party. The beer enthusiast will love this! 

    £ 11.90
    £ 8.50
  10. Wine Bottle Glass 750 ml
    In stock

    Do you need the perfect wine glass to meet you needs without having to drink from the bottle? Then check out this bottle wine glass. This will fit an entire bottle of wine. The fear of running out ends here! 

    £ 10.90
  11. 17
    Red Carpet, 5x1 Meter
    In stock

    Show your quests that they are important to you and that you value their pressence with this red carpet. So roll out the this fancy party accessory and make the right entrance for your guests!

    £ 17.90
    £ 14.90
  12. 51
    Ring Bottle Opener
    In stock

    Your unique possibility of having a bottle opener close by all the time! The perfect accessory for opening bottles quick and easy!

    £ 5.90
    £ 2.90
  13. 29
    LED Bar Sign
    In stock

    Provide the perfect atmosphere for either your next party or a specific room with this fancy LED bar sign. 

    £ 41.50
    £ 29.50
  14. Wine Cork With Lock
    In stock

    The ultimate wine cork for a wine lover extraordinare! With this cork you will insure that you are the only one to open your wine bottles as it locks with a code of your own choice! 

    £ 5.90
  15. Beer Pong Hat Game
    In stock

    This version of the classic Beer Bong is a fun alternative which insures hours of fun! Are you the king of playing Beer Bong then try this game and be challenged yet again! 

    £ 17.90
  16. 22
    Inflatable Float
    In stock

    This inflatable float is perfect for the garden, the beach, festival or outdoor concerts. The floater will inflate easily and is a great and very comfy alternative to the classic fold out chair or beach towel.  

    £ 17.90
    £ 13.90