Order by 15 o'clock

Billig fragt

Order by 15:00 on weekdays and receive the package the next weekday / Saturday with GLS.

If you order before 15:00 on weekdays, we send the order on the same day. You can have it delivered to the parcel shop, business or private, this is entirely up to you! GLS has a delivery security of +98%.

The above secure delivery assumes that no unforeseen events occur which result in delays. If your package is delayed, GLS will inform you of a new expected delivery date.

Order Flow

After placing your order, you will receive an email with your order confirmation. When the order is packed, Thebeerbong.co.uk will send you an e-mail with your invoice in the afternoon about 17 o'clock, followed by another e-mail with a tracking link to follow your package.

Package shop delivery

When your package is delivered, GLS sends both an SMS and e-mail. To receive your parcel, you must bring your parcel number, the recipient's name and your own picture ID. If you get someone else to pick up the package, the person should bring his/her own ID as well as bring the package number and recipient's name.

Private delivery

When you choose private delivery, as mentioned earlier, you receive an email from GLS in the evening about 19 o'clock, informing that the package has been scanned at the local GLS depot. In addition to this information, you will be asked to consider the following points:

  1. Are you home to receive the package tomorrow?
  2. If you are not at home, should GLS deliver the package at your risk?
  3. If you are not home and the package does not have to be placed, should GLS deliver your package in the nearest package store?
  4. If you choose to have the package delivered to your home as first assumed, you will not receive a message when it is delivered.

Business Delivery

You will not receive any notifications when the item is delivered. It is typically delivered at the reception unless other specific arrangements are made with GLS at the location.

Delivery items

At times, it seems that some products are unfortunately out of stock. This is stated on the website, where an estimated delivery time is also stated.

We will send an email stating that your item is out of stock if you have overlooked this. This is also reflected in the invoice sent.