Bar equipment


Do you need some equipment at the bar for when you have to serve the most delicious drinks and shots? We have the biggest selection of bar equipment to prove you are a skillful bartender.

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    Ice bowl 4 litre
    In stock

    Make sure your drinks are cold with this funktional and stylish icebowl. 

    £ 17.90
    £ 15.90
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    Confetti Cannon 60 cm XL Gold
    In stock

    Poweful Confetti Cannon with bigger confetti charge. Quality that works. If you’re having a party you shouldn’t forget the Confetti Cannon!

    £ 4.50
    £ 2.50
  3. Confetti tube 30 cm Gold
    In stock

    If you're having a party, you will need confetti! Confetti tubes are perfect for making festive occasions fun and colourful!

    £ 2.50
    Confetti Cannon 30 cm 80x
    In stock

    Confetti cannons are perfect if you want to throw a big party with your friends. The cannons comes with more confetti than most confetti cannons. Get the party started here!

    £ 199.90
    £ 94.90
    Confetti Cannon 60 cm 80x
    In stock

    Confetti cannons in XL-size. Get the party started with these gold confetti cannons which are filled with more confetti than regular cannons! 

    £ 254.90
    £ 159.90
    Ice Fountain 500x
    In stock

    Ice Fountains are an extravagant show stopper for every party or in the club! It doesn't matter if it's a small birthday party or a big new years eve party!

    £ 199.90
    £ 114.90
    Red Cups 1000x
    In stock

    0.47 cl Red Cups med a SOLO-design. are the leading supplier of blue and red cups and makes sure nothing is missing from your next big party! 

    £ 114.90
    Blue Cups 1000x
    In stock

    Blue cups with a SOLO-design for your next Beer Pong game. are the leading supplier of blue and red cups, and our cups comes with a discount when being bought in big amounts. 

    £ 114.90
    0,4 l. Beer Cups 1000x
    In stock

    0,4 l. Beer Cups for your next party! Beer cups are essential for any celebratory occasion - no question! Make sure to never run out with this purchase. 

    £ 179.90
    £ 164.90
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    25 cl Red Paper Cups 40x
    In stock

    These red paper cups are the perfect and sustainable alternative to the classic red/blue cups. Don't hesistate to purchase these if you want a sustainable choice for your party. 

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
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    25 cl Blue Paper Cups 40x
    In stock

    These blue paper cups are the perfect and sustainable alternative to the classic red/blue cups. Don't hesistate to purchase these if you want a sustainable choice for your party. 

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
    25 cl Red Paper Cups 2500x
    In stock

    Paper cups for your next big party! With these 25 cl red paper cups all your quests will always have a drink in their hands! 

    £ 469.90
    £ 409.90
    25 cl Blue Paper Cups 2500x
    In stock

    Blue paper cups for your next big party! Running out isn't an option with paper cups and with this purchase you will always be ready!  

    £ 469.90
    £ 409.90
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    Beer Pong Balls 150x
    In stock

    Beer Pong Balls for your next big Beer Pong tournament. You will always be ready with this purchase!

    £ 29.90
    £ 26.90
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    Table Tennis Balls 100x
    In stock

    High quality Table Tennis Balls which can be bought in big amounts - running out is not an option with this purchase!

    £ 47.90
    £ 40.90
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    Dice 100x
    In stock

    Dice for every celebratory occasion! Everyone can be part of the game with this purchase of 100x dice! 

    £ 9.90
    £ 8.90


The most important equipment for your bar must be the bartender set, which contains everything you need for mixing drinks including a cocktail strainer and spirit measure. With this bar tool set you take your first step to become the new cocktail master. A must have in every bar!

Needless to say, you will need a few extra bar tools if you feel like making some drinks that need a little extra. For example, the popular drink Mojito! Besides the bartender set you will need a muddler for this drink.

Once you finished mixing your drinks and are ready to serve them for your guests, you need some glasses to serve them in. We would recommend red cups and blue cups, as they will not break if dropped. They are reusable and can be used for beer pong as well. What is not to like? 

If you want to step up your game and be a bit more fancy, dry ice really creates a wow effect! You can get it in some different solutions. For example, you can get is as dry ice drink sticks, which means you can serve your drinks with manner! Buy your own drink sticks now and make the coolest drinks for the party and make the drinks a bit more interesting! 


The last thing that definitely should be on your bar equipment list is something to decorate your drinks with. This could be straws, palm strippers or the classic cocktail umbrella. Everyone loves umbrellas in their drinks. At least if you love a festive drink. These drink umbrellas can decorate everything from drinks and cocktails to fruits and cakes. Therefore, they are perfect for all gatherings – a true must-have for your bar!

Straws are super important in every drink, which also is the reason why we have a wide range of straws to give your drinks just the right cocktail look.

We have the classic black straws complement all drinks as well as the colourful straws in different colours that goes well with a colourful cocktail!

If you are feeling a bit sassier, then the willy straw might be something you would enjoy. The willy straws definitely bring a smile on your guests’ lips. What colour would you blow off?