A theme party means costumes. So simple is that! Therefore, we offer you a wide range of costumes and accessories, so you can be ready for your next theme party. 

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  1. Cowgirl Costume
    In stock

    Cowgirl Costume with dress and belt with holsters - a fun costume for the next theme party which will make you look like a proper cowgirl! 

    £ 28.90
  2. Cowboy Costume
    In stock

    Cowboy Costume is a cool costume for the next theme party, halloween or carnival! Look like a proper cowboy with this costume. 

    £ 30.90
  3. Banana Costume
    In stock

    The banana costume is the king of costumes - cool in every way. It's easy to dance in, easy to wear and will keep everyone laughing! 

    £ 30.90
  4. Las Vegas Party set
    In stock

    Las Vegas Party set / New Year's Eve set for 10 persons in silver. Complete the style 100 % with this set!

    £ 19.90
  5. Tiny Glitter Top hat
    In stock

    Incredibly beautiful Tiny Glitter Top hat, that fits perfectly into the Theme party. This Mini hat provides the last finish to your costume.

    £ 7.50
  6. Rabbit Costume
    Available on 20. Feb

    Complete Rabbit Costume - perfectly suited for fun occasions such as Stag parties, bachelor parties or theme parties

    £ 33.90
  7. Black Bowler Hat
    In stock

    Cool and stylish Bowler hat! If you and your friends want to show up to the party / event with style, then this Bowler Hat is a must have!

    £ 8.90
  8. Glitter hat
    In stock

    Glitter hat in silver - taken straight from a Las Vegas show! Create a Las Vegas party to the next party with this great hat.

    £ 9.50
  9. Gold Dollar Necklace
    In stock

    Gold Dollar Necklace - If you want to look like a millionaire you also have to fell like one. Buy a Gold dollar necklace now and complete your outfit.

    £ 4.50
  10. 24
    Streamers 3x
    In stock

    It's never been easier to dress up for a party than with streamers. The colorful paper rings makes it a breeze to dress up nice for your guests. Moreover, it is fun to blow them into the air.

    £ 2.50
    £ 1.90
  11. 24
    Balloons 10x
    In stock

    Balloons are always a good choice! They will put everyone in a good mood! 

    £ 2.90
    £ 2.20
    As low as £ 0.70
  12. Willy Straws
    In stock

    6 different Willy Straws - Fits perfectly into an evening in the name of humor and a lot of fun. Pimp your party with these different kind of straws.

    £ 3.50
  13. 70 cm XL Straws 25x
    In stock

    XL Straws are always a hit at any party. Season the party with extra long and thick straws - it is ALWAYS fun with something new to a party. In this package you get 25 pcs., So there is plenty of straws to all.

    £ 3.90
  14. 29
    Glasses Bottle Opener
    In stock

    Glasses Bottle Opener - the indispensible glasses for the party! With these glasses you'll always have a bottle opener close by! 

    £ 6.90
    £ 4.90
  15. 53
    Wayfarer sunglasses 7 colors
    In stock

    Nice Wayfarer sunglasses in 7 different colors after your wish. Classic Rayban look with a timeless design, use them year after year!

    £ 7.50
    £ 3.50
  16. 20
    LED Party Glasses
    In stock

    LED Party Glasses in classic Wayfarer design. Find exactly the pair that suits you, among the 6 different colors. Eyeglasses are transparent, so it is possible to see something in the nightlife.

    £ 9.90
    £ 7.90


Costumes are great and specially, when you can find costumes as a complete set to a very cheap price. Therefore, we give you some ideas for costumes that comes in sets.

The first idea is a costume for an Oktoberfest. If you are attending an Oktoberfest and you easily need to find a costume for that, we can help you with that right here on this site. If you are a woman, you will find this popular and fancy Tyrolean dress for women. And if you are a man, you will find this Tyrolean costume for men.

The second idea is more for a “heroes party”. Namely a Viking costume. We offer both a Viking costume for men and Viking costume for women. These sets give you an authentic and scary look, which also means, it can be used as a Halloween costume for adults.

The third and last idea is for you to dress up like a pirate, since we offer you some complete sets for adults. In this way, it is easy for you to get your inner pirate out. Here you will find a pirate costume for men and a pirate costume for women


Costumes are nice and funny, but actually they can look even more cool, if you have the right accessories. This is also the reason why we offer you a wide range of accessories for your costumes. 

If you are dressing up like a police officer, you can complete your outfit with some handcuffs. If you are dressing up like a Viking, you can both find a sword and a horn for you to complete the outfit. 

As you can tell, you have a lot of options and it is only your imagination that sets the boundaries.