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Do you need a unique gift for your girlfriend or your best friend? Then you have come to the right place. We offer you a wide range of unusual and personalised gifts for her. 

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    Party Bingo
    In stock

    It is well known that the bingo games are now invented with the sole purpose of entertaining people during CELEBRATIONS.

    £ 12.90
    £ 7.50
  2. 30
    Shots Roulette
    In stock

    The Shots Roulette drinking game makes for the perfect entertainment at any party that needs it!

    £ 16.90
    £ 11.90
  3. 24
    Spider Prank Box
    In stock

    We all know someone who's afraid of spiders. Scare your friends, family, schoolmates and many more with this Spider Prank Box. No one knows what to expect!  

    £ 5.90
    £ 4.50
  4. Spinning Shot Drinking Game
    In stock

    Spinning Shot is a drinking game, which get people to drink some shots. 

    £ 5.90
  5. Spin the shot
    In stock

    Do you love shots and would you like to drink them in a new and fun way? Then Spin the Shot is definitely something for you!

    £ 4.90
  6. Air Pong set
    In stock

    Air Pong is a new Way of playing Beer Pong – you aim for Cups hanging on a vertical Game Board. - Europe´s leading Beer Ping supplier!

    £ 16.90
  7. 26
    Ladder golf
    In stock

    Do you love playing outdoor drinking games? Or just games? Then Ladder Golf is just the thing for you! If you haven’t tried it before, then try it out now!

    £ 41.90
    £ 30.90
  8. 30
    Alcohol Shotgun
    Available on 20. Sep

    Alcohol Shotgun! This Gadget is a new addition to the Webshop and it is by far the funniest little Beer Bong of all! - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier:

    £ 19.90
    £ 13.90
  9. Mini Red Cups 20x
    In stock

    Mini Red Cups – The perfect shots glass for the party or as cups for a game of Mini Beer Pong if a new challenge is needed! Get them here at Europe's leading supplier of Beer Pong. 

    £ 3.50
  10. 43
    Mini Beer Pong Deluxe
    In stock

    Mini Beer Pong Deluxe is the best quality on the market and you can take it anywhere. Easy to carry and a very funny and intense game to watch and play! - Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!


    £ 46.90
    £ 26.90
  11. 25
    Mini Flip Cup
    In stock

    Mini Flip Cup is a smalle version of the popular drinking game Flip Cup. The set is handcrafted and top-quality.

    £ 79.90
    £ 59.90
  12. 22
    Beer Pong balls 10 pcs
    In stock

    There's nothing worse than stopping a Beer Pong Game because of damaged or lost balls - therefore remember to be prepared with enough Beer Pong balls. - Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 4.50
    £ 3.50
  13. 34
    6-pack Table Tennis Balls
    In stock

    Table Tennis Balls in excellent quality for the Beer Pong enthusiast who wants best quality on all parameters. - Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 5.90
    £ 3.90
    Beer Pong Table LED
    Available on 27. Jul

    Beer Pong Bord LED in Stylish & Cool design! NEWS with LED-lightining incorporated langs along the table edge. Be one of the first ones your friends! Europes leading Beer Pong supplier.


    £ 139.90
    £ 109.90
  15. 15
    Pool Beer Pong Deluxe
    Available on 23. Aug

    Pool Beer Pong Deluxe is the Deluxe version of our Pool Beer Pong! - Take Beer Pong into the water. There is a cooler for the drinks and then you are ready for at hot game in the water! - Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 46.90
    £ 39.90
    CUSTOM DESIGN - Beer Pong Table
    In stock

    Professional Beer Pong Table where you choose which design you want. This could be your logo like Friday Bar/Nightclub or private or public company - maybe your favorite team logo or something else?


    £ 219.90
    £ 159.90


Whether you are looking for the first birthday gift for your girlfriend or you have tried this many times before, you will absolutely find the best gifts for your girlfriend on her birthday right here.

The first idea is for you who want to give creative birthday gifts for your girlfriend. In this case, our very popular Costume Design - Beer Pong Table is an obvious choice. Insert a picture of her, of you or maybe of both of you together. This will absolutely be one of the most unusual gifts she will ever get on her birthday, but it will definitely be appreciated.  

The second idea is a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, and it is our popular glass rimmer. In this way, you will help her upgrade her home bar, so she has the opportunity to host a girl’s night out with all her friends with some delicious drinks.  


Are you attending your best friend’s birthday and are you in that connection on the lookout for some funny and useful birthday gifts for her? Then you are definitely in the right place. We will give you some creative birthday gift ideas for your best friend. 

The first idea for a birthday gift for your best girl friend is a little bit vulgar but absolutely funny. It is our popular Dildo Beer Bong, and it will definitely be one of the funniest and best gifts, she will ever receive. 

The next idea is a fancier and more girly version of the popular drinking game, Beer Pong. It is of course our popular Prosecco Beer Pong


This category is also perfect for you, if you are attending a housewarming and you need a little something to get to the host. On this site, you will find a wide range of funny gifts under £10 as well. 

For example, you will find our very popular Beer Pong Set with Cups and Balls, you will find our popular Willy Beer Pong Bottle and you will find our Inflatable Flamingo Can Holder

So, as you can tell, you have great opportunities to find nice and funny gifts under £10 on this site as well.