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Do you need a present for your friend, boyfriend or maybe father? Then you have come to the right place, because we offer you a wide range of unusual, creative and exceptional gifts for him.

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  1. Sexy female ice mould
    In stock

    Sexy Female Ice mould? Yes, please! Make your drink a little bit more sexy, whit this ice mould! Freeze them, put them in the drink and suddenly the drink has reached a whole new level.

    £ 5.50
  2. 31
    Wine Opener Set
    In stock

    This wine opener set contains everything you need for a good bottle of wine. Give it as a gift or treat yourself!

    £ 12.90
    £ 8.90
  3. 17
    Wine Pourer Aerator
    In stock

    Elegant wine pourer aerator. Double the value of your wine by simply pouring yourself a glass.

    £ 9.50
    £ 7.90
  4. 31
    Wine Cooling Stick
    In stock

    Smart wine cooling stick cools the wine without diluting it. You can never live without again!

    £ 8.50
    £ 5.90
    Champagne Gun
    Available on 15. Nov

    Super fun champagne gun that none of your friends own. Take the party to a whole new level.

    £ 64.90
    £ 62.90
  6. 43
    Champagne Stopper
    In stock

    Beautiful and practical champagne stopper preserves the freshness of your bottles for days after opening. Must have for the home bar or champagne lover.

    £ 6.90
    £ 3.90
  7. 18
    Whisky Decanter Globe With Glasses
    In stock

    Beautiful and luxurious globe for whisky. Inside there is a fantastic ship made of glass. Everyone will envy you!

    £ 54.90
    £ 44.90
    Whisky Decanter AK 47 With Glasses
    In stock

    Beautiful and luxurious decanter for whisky shaped like an AK-47. Everyone will envy you!

    £ 94.90
    £ 81.90
  9. Whiskey Stones
    In stock

    Whisky Rocks are for those who want whisky, brandy, rum or something else just as it is and NOT diluted by ice cubes.

    £ 59.00
  10. 22
    Steel Ice Cubes 4X
    In stock

    Reusable steel ice cubes keep your drink cold and ensure that it is not diluted by melting ice cubes.

    £ 13.90
    £ 10.90
    Beer Pong Golf Kit
    Available on 15. Nov

    Beer Bong Golf is a genius game for every party! It's ideal when different challenges or prizes are on the line! is the exclusive retailer of this product in all of Europe. 

    £ 109.90
    £ 93.90
  12. 17
    Mini golf putting green
    In stock

    With this mini-golf putting green, it has never been easier to train your putting skills. Perfect for the office or at home!

    £ 69.90
    £ 57.90
  13. Golf putter 90 cm
    In stock

    Golf putter with a length of 90 cm, which is perfect for the minigolf putting green.

    £ 11.90
  14. 29
    Golf Pitch Iron
    In stock

    Do you have a short distance to the green? Then the pitch iron is the right iron to use.

    £ 33.50
    £ 23.90
  15. NEWS
    Lie Detector
    In stock

    Find out your best friends deapest and darkest secrets with this Lie Detector.

    £ 17.90
    Disc Golf Basket 56 Inches
    Available on 14. Oct

    Creat som excitement and fun at the garden parties with a game of Disc Golf!

    £ 148.90
    £ 114.90


Is it your boyfriend’s birthday? Or maybe you are celebrating your anniversary with your boyfriend? And are you looking for a personalised gift for him? Then you are at the right place. No matter what the occasion is, then we offer a wide range of unusual and personalised gifts for your boyfriend.

So, whether it is your boyfriend’s birthday, or you are celebrating your anniversary, then you need to find a unique and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend. And is there a better way to show the man in your life, your love for him by getting your boyfriend a creative and personalised gift? No, absolutely not! And that is why, you on this site will find our very popular Custom Design - Beer Pong Table

This table will absolutely be a surprise and meaningful gift for your boyfriend, and it is for sure one of the best presents, he will ever receive!


Are you not sure what to get your best friend for his birthday? Then do not worry, you have come to the right place. Because right here on this site, you will find some fun and thoughtful gifts for men. So, this is the right place to find a proper gift for your best friend, whether he is a real party animal who likes to get extremely drunk at every party, or he is a more down to earth kind of guy who just likes to enjoy a nice beer.  

If your best friend is an extreme party animal, then you will find some gift ideas for his such as a Viking Beer Bong. And if he instead prefers the nice and quiet parties, then our very popular Poker Set Deluxe is very obvious. 

So, according to whom your best friend is as a person, then these gift ideas will absolutely surprise him, and they will without a doubt be one of the best gifts he will ever receive as well!


Do you also have a man in your life who is absolutely impossible to buy gifts for? Mostly, it is someone’s own father. So therefore, we have on this site offered you a wide range of gift ideas for men who have everything. 

If your father loves whiskey, then you will for example find our popular Whiskey Decanter AK 47 with glasses. For this purpose, you will also find our popular Whiskey Rocks. Or is it more likely for your father to drink a bottle of wine, then we have some great gift ideas for him as well. For example, you will find our popular Wine Opener Set as well as our Wine Cooling Stick

If you give the impossible man in your life one of these ideas, it will absolutely be one of the most unique gifts for him ever!