Inflatable costumes


Are you arranging a stag party or a hen party for one of your friends? A party that must feature lots of fun. Or are you just looking for a costume that absolutely will get other people’s attention? 

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  1. 18 NEWS
    Inflatable beer cooler
    In stock

    Super smart inflatable beer cooler both cools your drinks and creates a festive mood.

    £ 16.90
    £ 13.90
  2. Inflatable naked man doll
    In stock

    Inflatable nude man doll - the perfect gift for a bachelor party, birthday or perhaps as the "flag" at the festival camp

    £ 29.90
  3. Inflatable naked lady doll
    In stock

    Inflatable nude lady doll - the perfect gift for a bachelor party, birthday or perhaps the "flag" at the festival camp

    £ 23.90
  4. Inflatable Rodeo Bull Costume
    In stock

    This fun rodeo bull costume will make people laugh! The costume inflates easy with help from the build-in pump and will last 6-7 hours at a time. 

    £ 47.90
  5. 38
    Inflatable Breasts
    8 - 12 days

    A pair of inflatable Breasts a funny feature at a Party. You will for sure make people around you smile.

    £ 7.90
    £ 4.90
  6. 24
    Penis costume
    In stock

    Fun inflatable penis costume that will make you the center of attention. Perfekt for carnivals, bachelor parties, theme parties - You name it

    £ 36.90
    £ 27.90
  7. 17
    Inflatable Flamingo Can Holder
    In stock

    With this smart Inflatable Flamingo Can Holder, you are guaranteed an easy way to enjoy, for instance a cold beer in the pool while you are trendy.

    £ 3.50
    £ 2.90
  8. Inflatable Palm Can Holder
    In stock

    With this smart Inflatable Palm Can Holder, you are guaranteed attention from your surroundings while having a really cool holiday gadget.

    £ 3.50
  9. 20
    Inflatable Float
    In stock

    This inflatable float is perfect for the garden, the beach, festival or outdoor concerts. The floater will inflate easily and is a great and very comfy alternative to the classic fold out chair or beach towel.  

    £ 19.90
    £ 15.90
  10. Hawaii Palm Cooler
    Available on 15. Nov

    Hawaii Palm tree that is inflatable and designed to cool your beverages, in a beautiful and creative design!

    £ 31.90
  11. 16
    Inflatable Flamingo Cooler
    Available on 20. Sep

    Super smart inflatable flamingo cooler both cools your drinks and creates a festive mood.

    £ 18.90
    £ 15.90
  12. 16
    Inflatable Watermelon Beach Toy
    In stock

    Fun beach toy for the pool when sunbathing or as a decoration for the theme party.

    £ 44.90
    £ 37.90
  13. 10
    Inflatable Pizza Beach Toy
    In stock

    Make your beach trip, beach holiday or theme party funnier with this inflatable pizza slice.

    £ 28.90
    £ 25.90
  14. 14
    Large Inflatable Unicorn Beach Toy
    In stock

    Large unicorn beach toy for the pool, fun pictures and for sunbathing.

    £ 28.90
    £ 24.90
    XXL Inflatable Football Darts 75X71 Inches
    Available on 15. Nov

    Do you want to practice the precision of your kick, or do you already have an exceptional technique to show off? Then you have found the right product here. Challenge your friends!

    £ 229.90
    £ 149.90
  16. Football size 5
    In stock

    A football can be played with anywhere an can be used for a lot of different games at the beach or in the garden.

    £ 8.90


The day, where one of you best friends is getting married, is drawing closer. This has to be celebrated, and of course there will be no successful wedding without a successful bachelor party. That is the rule! It is one of the last days for him as a bachelor so, it has to be a bachelor party the bridegroom will never forget. So, to help you achieve this, our cheap inflatable costumes will be perfect. 

Take these inflatable breasts for example, they are perfect. Put them on the bridegroom and they will bring out the smile at every single one of those present. Have a great bachelor party! 


Finally, the day, where one of your best friends is marrying the one guy, she loves the most, is drawing closer. But of course, there cannot be a wedding without a bachelorette party so, this has to be celebrated with an awesome party. That is the rule. And obviously, it should not just be a bachelorette party, but it has to be a bachelorette party the guests and specially the bride, will never forget. 

Therefore, you will on this site find some funny and unforgettable inflatable costumes. For example, you will find our penis costume. Put the bride in this and it will absolutely bring out the smile at every single one of those present and contribute to a day to remember. Have a fantastic bachelorette party!