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Pakkelegsgaver til dig der skal holde julefrokost / familiefest og ønsker nogle sjove og tossede gaver på bordet. Ø er garant for gaver med kant! Vi vil gerne skrue op for den gode stemning og skabe smil og hygge - specielt her i juletiden. Find nogle sjove gaver til den kommende pakkeleg og få dem bestilt inden det er for sent, vi mange ordrer i julemånederne og ønsker at du får de pakkelegsgaver du måtte ønske. God jul!

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  1. Party Shot Syringes 60 ml
    In stock

    Fun shot syringes for the theme / halloween party. They can be filled with a shot and quickly emptied into a friend's mouth.

    £ 1.50
  2. Buzz Shot Game
    In stock

    If you loose the buzz shot game you do a shot. Drinking a lot means the game gets more complicated which also means that this game has the cabability of making you and your friends really drunk!

    £ 10.90
  3. Twister
    Out of stock - available on 17. May

    Everyone knows the classic game of Twister! Spin and test the flexibility of the players by making them place their hands and feet on the colourful mat. The one last standing will be the winner! 

    £ 9.90
  4. 28
    Christmas stocking for wine
    In stock

    This christmas stocking with a tap is the perfekt gadget for all hedonist. Order it today, fill it with your favorite christmas drink and lean back and relax. This stocking makes the christmas a little bit more fun.

    £ 10.90
    £ 7.90
  5. Wine Bottle Glass 750 ml
    In stock

    Do you need the perfect wine glass to meet you needs without having to drink from the bottle? Then check out this bottle wine glass. This will fit an entire bottle of wine. The fear of running out ends here! 

    £ 13.90
  6. Wine Cork With Lock
    Out of stock - available on 17. May

    The ultimate wine cork for a wine lover extraordinare! With this cork you will insure that you are the only one to open your wine bottles as it locks with a code of your own choice! 

    £ 5.90
  7. 17
    Wine Stopper With LED Light Chain 4X
    In stock

    Transform your old wine bottles into lamps that can be used both outdoors and indoors.

    £ 3.50
    £ 2.90
  8. 4x Bomb Shotsglasses
    In stock

    This is quality Bomb Shot Glasses! Bomb Shot glasses are perfect if you want a shot glass that works properly for mixing jagerbombs.

    £ 3.90
  9. LED Shots Glass 6x
    Out of stock - 8 - 12 days

    Enjoy your shots in style with these cool LED shots glasses, which will light up when filled. Take your party to the next level with this purchase! 

    £ 14.90
  10. UV Shot Glass 12x
    In stock

    If you want to host the ultimate party these UV shot glasses are a must-have! A fun and memorable addition to your party or at the bar.

    £ 2.90
  11. 31
    4x Ice shot glasses
    Out of stock - available on 2. Aug

    Shot glasses made of ice. This ice cube tray for 4x shot glasses is genius. It is both fun and smart. Ice cold shots is the way to go.

    £ 12.90
    £ 8.90
  12. Sexy female ice mould
    In stock

    Sexy Female Ice mould? Yes, please! Make your drink a little bit more sexy, whit this ice mould! Freeze them, put them in the drink and suddenly the drink has reached a whole new level.

    £ 5.50
  13. 70 cm XL Straws 25x
    In stock

    XL Straws are always a hit at any party. Season the party with extra long and thick straws - it is ALWAYS fun with something new to a party. In this package you get 25 pcs., So there is plenty of straws to all.

    £ 3.90
  14. 20
    Cocktail Umbrellas 24X
    In stock

    Summery cocktail umbrellas that are indispensable for the party.

    £ 4.90
    £ 3.90
  15. Gold Paper Straws 25X
    In stock

    Perfect for celebrating a birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, baby shower, New Year's Eve or anytime you need to add extra style to your party or get-together.

    £ 2.50
  16. New Year Straws 25X
    In stock

    At NYE, Hawaii theme party or beach party these straws will be perfect. 

    £ 6.50

Pakkelegsgavers til de humoristiske af slagsen. Skal der være store smil og overraskelser over pakkelegsgaverne i år, så er det hos Ø du skal købe pakkerne! Det er sjov og ballade og det er præcis hvad pakkelegsgaver handler om. Mangler du inspiration så tjek vores kategori igennem, smid os en mail eller giv os ett opkald så sidder vi klar til at rådgive dig. Skynd dig at få handlet de ting du ønsker inden naboen, vi har travlt i denne periode og ønsker blot alle får det de gerne vil uden udsolgt skilte over alt.