Powerbank can give you and your friends the much-needed power when you’re out of battery. Thebeerbong.co.uk is the UK’s best seller of Gadgets for every occasion and therefore, you can get several different Powerbanks. Check the category and find the Powerbank that suits your needs.

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    Powerbank 20.000 mAh
    In stock

    Powerful Powerbank 20.000 mAh with two USB outlets. This powerbank is the biggest Thebeerpong.co.uk can deliver and comes in an cool and slick design. 

    £ 34.50
    £ 28.50
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    Powerbank Wireless charging 20.000 mAh
    In stock

    Powerful Powerbank 20.000 mAh with two USB outlets. This powerbank is the biggest Thebeerpong.co.uk can deliver and comes in an cool and slick design. 

    £ 41.90
    £ 36.90
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    Powerbank 8.000 mAh
    In stock

    This Powerbank is elegant, perfect if you are without the possibility of getting power for an short period. If for example you are at a festival and sleep out for several nights.

    £ 10.90
    £ 8.90
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    Power Bank 10.000 mAh
    In stock

    This is a cool, small but powerful Power Bank - indispensable on the go! Charge from home and make sure your phone has power on the festival.

    £ 21.90
    £ 15.90
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    Power Bank Solar
    In stock

    Power Bank with automatic Solar charger - perfect for those who are on trip and don’t have the possibility to recharge their Power Bank!

    £ 27.50
    £ 22.50
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    Lantern With Powerbank
    In stock

    This lantern is ideal for festivals and camping trips. Not only does it provide great ligtning, it also has an USB-entrance which means you can recharge your phone on the go! 

    £ 17.90
    £ 13.90

Powerbank is a genius invention! If you’re the type of person that just can’t live without your phone and other things that runs on electricity, you’ve come to the right place.

At Thebeerbong.co.uk we have 4 different Powerbanks that suits any occasion; no matter if you’re the type that attends Festivals, travels a lot or just loves to lay on the beach while using your phone.

The least powerful Powerbank is at 8.000 mAh and comes in white with a printed logo. This variety has 3 USB ports, so you and your own friends can charge your phones at the same time, while you’re going places. The capacity of 8.000 mAh equals 3 full charges. Which makes it ideal to bring with you throughout the day and there won’t be any charging possibilities nearby.

The next Powerbank that Thebeerbong.co.uk can offer you has a capacity of 10.000 mAh. This well designed variation, is made in both white leather and metal and is a great possibility for you who doesn’t just want something functional but also something that. Is nice to look at. The 10.000 mAh are enough for 3-4 full charges of your phone and offers you 2 USB ports, so you can share with one of your friends who is also running dry of battery. In the unit der are LED indicators that show the current batterylevel. With this you will always know when it’s time to charge the unit. This Powerbank is perfekt for you who is always on the go, but also for you who loves to bring your phone to concerts, the beach or other awesome places, so you can document the day and later on look back at your memories.

The most powerful Powerbank you can get, has a capacity of 20.000 mAh. This deluxe version of is in a silver design and has the capacity of 8 to 10 charges. This one has 2 USB ports, so it is perfect for sharing with your friends, which should be no problem at all with the high power capacity. The LED indicators always give you a perfect overview of how much power is left on the unit. It’s stylish, easy to bring along and it does perfect at Festivals, travelling, etc.

Thebeerbong.co.uk also offers a Solar powered device. This means that it charges all the time as long as it is placed in sunlight. It’s at 5.000 mAh, which is equivalent to 2-3 phone charges. It’s perfect if you’re at a place, where you can’t get your device recharged.

All units are compatible with apple and android units - or anything else that requires a USB cable to charge.

Have you been recording many videos at the concert, taken many pictures at the hike or been listening to a lot of music at the Festival, making the battery die?

Thebeerbong.co.uk has the solution to your power problems, if you should run out of battery, no matter where you are. At the same time, you’re guaranteed that there’s enough power for both you and your friends in our 4 different Powerbanks.

Find the Powerbank that suits your needs with Thebeerbong.co.uk!