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  1. 24
    Double Funnel Beer Bong
    In stock

    This Double Funnel Beer Bong is just an upgraded version of the good old Funnel Beer Bong that was used by the older generation in the past. - Wolrd´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 16.90
    £ 12.90
  2. 51
    Wayfarer sunglasses 7 colors
    In stock

    Nice Wayfarer sunglasses in 7 different colors after your wish. Classic Rayban look with a timeless design, use them year after year!

    £ 7.90
    £ 3.90
  3. 29
    In stock

    The beer bong collection has got a new member in the family, the Bierstick. This is the new and fun way to drink a beer in under 2 seconds. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 41.90
    £ 29.90
  4. Jenga Giant Sized
    In stock

    Jenga Throw 'n Go Giant Sized, is the obvious choice for a gathering in the garden or similar parties.

    £ 49.00
  5. 7
    Funnel Beer Bong Deluxe
    In stock

    Funnel Beer Bong Deluxe - Like in every other product group, there must be a Deluxe version. TheTragt ølbong Deluxe - ligesom i alle andre varetyper, så skal der være en Deluxe-udgave. Check it out!

    £ 13.90
    £ 12.90
  6. 18
    3-Person tent
    Out of stock - 8 - 12 days

    Are you and your friends going on a festival or a camping trip this year, then this tent is a perfect match for you!

    £ 39.90
    £ 32.90
  7. 17
    Oktoberfest Sash
    In stock

    Do you want to take the step further and show that your outfit and your commitment to the next Oktoberfest are in high spirits, this is the right gadget for you! Never go down on you outfit!

    £ 5.90
    £ 4.90
  8. 51
    USB Light
    In stock

    With this USB lamp you are guaranteed the cozy atmosphere without too much light in the living room, bed or at the office in the dark hours.

    £ 3.90
    £ 1.90
  9. 51
    Inflatable Palm Can Holder
    In stock

    With this smart Inflatable Palm Can Holder, you are guaranteed attention from your surroundings while having a really cool holiday gadget.

    £ 3.90
    £ 1.90
  10. 17
    Inflatable Flamingo Can Holder
    In stock

    With this smart Inflatable Flamingo Can Holder, you are guaranteed an easy way to enjoy, for instance a cold beer in the pool while you are trendy.

    £ 3.50
    £ 2.90
  11. 9
    Cooling bag
    In stock

    The cooling bag is super good and easy to carry around for example on a walk to the beach or on a roadtrip.

    £ 10.90
    £ 9.90
  12. 15
    Frisbee Ultimate
    In stock

    Frisbee ultimate is a very robust and durable frisbee. For use of both children and adults - beginners or expirienced frisbee players.

    £ 15.90
    £ 13.50
  13. 29
    Mini Fan
    In stock

    With this easy-to-use and mobile Mini Fan you are ensured cool air on a hot day or when you are having a hot flush.

    £ 4.90
    £ 3.50
  14. 20
    In stock

    Shock-game is designed find the biggest chicken amongst your friends – if you’re too slow on the tricker, you get shocked.

    £ 34.50
    £ 27.50
  15. 25
    Mini Flip Cup
    In stock

    Mini Flip Cup is a smalle version of the popular drinking game Flip Cup. The set is handcrafted and top-quality.

    £ 79.90
    £ 59.90
    Mini Beer Pong Deluxe
    In stock

    Mini Beer Pong Deluxe is the best quality on the market and you can take it anywhere. Easy to carry and a very funny and intense game to watch and play! - Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!


    £ 89.90
    £ 79.90

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