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Does your costume need the final touch? Then you have come to the right place, because we offer you a wide range of various accessories for your costume to complete the look. 

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  1. Viking Sword
    8 - 12 days

    A classic and stylish viking swords, that is perfect for the next costume party! Buy here!

    £ 13.90
  2. Viking Wig & Beard
    In stock

    Viking Wig with beard and moustache. For those of you who want to go all the way this year, and win the price for "best costume". Become a real viking with this beard and moustache.

    £ 14.90
  3. Black Beard, 6 types
    In stock

    Get exactly the Beard that fits your wishes! 6 different types of moustaches that make you sexier than ever!

    £ 1.50
  4. 29
    Oktoberfest Beer Hat
    In stock

    Oktoberfest Beer Hat is a must-have gadget for Oktoberfest. You might love beers, so why dont dress like one. Don't miss it out!

    £ 13.90
    £ 9.90
  5. 6
    Oktoberfest Hat
    In stock

    Oktoberfest hat is an incredibly fun, cool and new gadget that makes your Oktoberparty funnier. We recommend this hat to top your Oktoberfest costume.

    £ 15.90
    £ 14.90
  6. 31
    Tyrolean Hat
    Available on 15. Dec

    Great Tyrolean hat for the October party. Then you know what to wear and the party becomes much more fun.

    £ 10.90
    £ 7.50
  7. Oktoberfest Knee-Highs
    In stock

    If you want to look like a true Tyrolean for the next German Oktoberfest or theme party then these knee-highs will do the job and your costume will be complete! 

    £ 4.90
  8. Beer Sunglasses
    In stock

    Beer Sunglasses to Oktoberfest, Aprs Ski or just for you who LOVES Beer! Pift up your outfit with these funny sunglasses.

    £ 1.90
  9. 53
    Wayfarer sunglasses 7 colors
    In stock

    Nice Wayfarer sunglasses in 7 different colors after your wish. Classic Rayban look with a timeless design, use them year after year!

    £ 7.50
    £ 3.50
  10. Tropical Hawaii Sunglasses
    In stock

    It does not get more tropical than with these irresistible Tropical Hawaii Sunglasses. With these sunglasses on your way, keeps the sun away!

    £ 6.50
  11. Tropical Summer Sunglasses
    In stock

    Shield your eyes from the sun with these cool and Tropical Summer Sunglasses. 

    £ 4.90
  12. Glitter hat
    In stock

    Glitter hat in silver - taken straight from a Las Vegas show! Create a Las Vegas party to the next party with this great hat.

    £ 9.50
  13. Black Bowler Hat
    In stock

    Cool and stylish Bowler hat! If you and your friends want to show up to the party / event with style, then this Bowler Hat is a must have!

    £ 8.90
  14. Tiny Glitter Top hat
    In stock

    Incredibly beautiful Tiny Glitter Top hat, that fits perfectly into the Theme party. This Mini hat provides the last finish to your costume.

    £ 7.50
  15. Party Hats 10X
    In stock

    Party hats are a must have for the party. Make your guests happy!

    £ 5.90
  16. Beer Pong Hat Game
    In stock

    This version of the classic Beer Bong is a fun alternative which insures hours of fun! Are you the king of playing Beer Bong then try this game and be challenged yet again! 

    £ 16.90


Are you attending a theme party but have a feeling that the outfit is not totally complete? That is perfectly normal, because it is not only the costume that makes you feel like whatever you are dressed up like. You need the right accessories, which you can shop here.

Are you for example attending an Oktoberfest, you can give the whole outfit the final touch with an accessory such as an Oktoberfest hat

Are you instead attending a theme party with everyday heroes theme where you are dressing up like a priest, this Gold Cross Necklace is a must-have.  


At Halloween we all want to have a scary costume. But actually, it is not always the costume that makes you look scary. The different kinds of accessories we are wearing, give your whole outfit the final touch. And that is why you will find a wide range of Halloween accessories for adults right here on this site. 

Are you for example going for the scary Viking look, you can find both the Viking Sword and the Viking Hornright here. 

So, there is no excuse for trying to complete your outfit with accessories at your next theme party.