25 cl Red Paper Cups 40x

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These red paper cups are the perfect and sustainable alternative to the classic red/blue cups. Don't hesistate to purchase these if you want a sustainable choice for your party. 

  • Red Paper Cups 2x20
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Buy a big amount and gain a discount 

These red cups has the same capacity as the popular red/blue cups and is the perfect alternative if you want to avoid using disposable plastic. They are of a similar quality and can be used for both warm and cold beverages. 

Thebeerbong.co.uk House Rules

Beer Pong is the king of all drinking games and at Thebeerpong.co.uk you can purchase the best quality Beer Pong set at the cheapest market prize. Practical and stylish Red and Blue Cups which can be used again and again! 

Beer Pong can be played everywhere - at a private party, at the beach, the apartment or the festival camp. Where do you want to play Beer Pong? 

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