Bachelor Party

Setup the wildest party

Bachelor Party is hopefully a once-in-a-life-time experience that must be an unforgettable funny night! Megaphones, Dildo Beer Bongs and Mobile Draft Beer equipment are must-have for Bachelor Parties! Check the big and funny selection through and find out what you and your friends need to create the coolest party for him or her.

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    Holiday Party Package
    In stock

    The summer is no-way near done! Bring the party to your frontdoor and enjoy hours of fun with this package! The sky's the limit with this box of fun and laughter! 

    £ 256.90
    £ 179.90
    Garden Party Package
    In stock

    The ultimate garden party package which will ensure hours of fun! Create your own festival atmosphere with a beer in your hand, when cracking upen the many activities and get ready to laugh all day! No summer is complete without a garden party package! 

    £ 316.90
    £ 209.90
    Stay-The-Fuck-Home Package
    In stock

    The stay-the-fuck-home package provides the right mood and hours of fun at home. Use the package at parties or on a regular week day with your friends. You don't have to go out when having this package! 

    £ 185.00
    £ 115.00
  4. Handcuffs
    In stock

    Whether you are going to a Stag Party where you put handcuffs on him/her, or you are attending a Costume Party, this accessory is perfect for you!

    £ 5.50
  5. 34
    Winner shirt
    In stock

    Winner Shirt - Party, fun and drinks often resultat in competitions, which is why the Winner Shirt has been made.

    £ 17.90
    £ 11.90
  6. 5
    Dildo Beer Bong
    In stock

    Pink Funnel Beer Bong with a little twist. You drink from a Dildo and not just an ordinary hose. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 21.90
    £ 20.90
  7. 7
    Big bikini breasts
    In stock

    Are you a man, but would like to be a women for a day - Now you have the chance! Big fake breasts in a bikini. Yes please!

    £ 14.90
    £ 13.90
  8. 43
    Inflatable Breasts
    In stock

    A pair of inflatable Breasts a funny feature at a Party. You will for sure make people around you smile.

    £ 7.90
    £ 4.50
  9. Bride To Be sash
    In stock

    Bride To Be sash that will assure everyone who the upcoming bride is at the Bachelorette Party!

    £ 11.50
  10. Rabbit Costume
    In stock

    Complete Rabbit Costume - perfectly suited for fun occasions such as Stag parties, bachelor parties or theme parties

    £ 33.90
  11. 24
    Penis costume
    Out of stock - 8 - 12 dage

    Fun inflatable penis costume that will make you the center of attention. Perfekt for carnivals, bachelor parties, theme parties - You name it

    £ 46.50
    £ 35.50
  12. 21
    Tyrolean Dress Men
    In stock

    The perfect costume for the facetious men, who won't setlle for a normal costume! An unbelievable funny costume for the theme party - why not stand out from the crowd? 

    £ 37.90
    £ 29.90
  13. Inflatable naked lady doll
    In stock

    Inflatable nude lady doll - the perfect gift for a bachelor party, birthday or perhaps the "flag" at the festival camp

    £ 29.00
  14. Inflatable naked man doll
    In stock

    Inflatable nude man doll - the perfect gift for a bachelor party, birthday or perhaps as the "flag" at the festival camp

    £ 29.00
  15. Willy Beer Bong Bottles
    Out of stock - available on 3. Dec

    The Willy Beer Bong is an extremely fun gadget to the party. Smack the willy on a bottle head and BOOM! - The beer / cider is gone. Perfect object as a fun gift or feature for the party. - World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 6.50
  16. Boobie Beer Bong Bottles
    Out of stock - available on 3. Dec

    Have you always dreamed of drinking your beer from a boobie? This is your opportunity! This Beer Bong is designed as an advanced Boobie Beer Bong. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 6.50

As everyone knows it is supposed that a Bachelor party should go completely CRAZY, and to get the party to that level, it is a must to plan the day with some fun gadgets! Remember, to customize the Bachelor Party for him or her, which is why it is important that you make sure you hit Bull's eye on this day so they won’t ever forget it. What would you think would be funny if it was your bachelor party?

To get the surely planned Bachelor parties up to the next level, you must obviously get some alcohol on board and what way to do that better than through a Beer Bong. If it’s a Bachelor party, it is recommended to buy a Breast Beer Bong, a Viking Extreme Beer Bong 100 cm or a BongZilla.

If it’s a Bachelorette party, a Dildo or Penis Beer Bong would guaranteed provide a huge smile for everyone at the party. Another fun ladies Beer Bong would be the Pink Funnel Beer Bong. It's all about fun and to get the protagonist out on deep water. Therefore a fun costume can always make the day better and way funnier. For example a fun Rabbit Costume could really spice up the party.

During the day, it’s fun to create some competitions - for example, who is the fastest at emptying a Beer Bong, who drunk most Beer throughout the day or who was the most crazy person! To show everyone who the real champion is - which hopefully is the upcoming bride or groom - you should invest in a shocking orange Winners T-shirt! Often it is the small internal things that make such an evening special and fun, and it's possible with a few gadgets to get some fun competitions.

One thing is sure at a bachelor / bachelorette party! No one should be in doubt of who the upcoming bride or groom is, so why not make the whole town sure of it with the Megaphone? With this gadget you are guaranteed that no one will ever be in doubt and that the people you meet along your journey will turn heads and give you a smile - and if you’re lucky some might even trade a pound or two for a kiss. After all this should be a night to remember.

If you want to add a little extra fun to your evening, you should try the Pro Alcohol Test. In this way you can always make sure that the upcoming bride / groom is having the right amount of alcohol in her or his blood - or whether you should call a cab to drive them home.

When the day is approaching and various Bachelor party gadgets are ready, then it is basically just about to get the party started where you got all the entertainment and gadgets you need. The closest friends are gathered in some awesome conditions and you are ready to get the party of the year started. These celebrations obviously need a little extra touch with some fun gadgets from!