Beach Party

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    Team Trip Package
    In stock

    All our bestsellers in one package! This huge box of fun will provide you and your team the right atmosphere no matter the surroundings! Don't miss out! 

    £ 436.90
    £ 322.90
    Garden Party Package
    In stock

    The ultimate garden party package which will ensure hours of fun! Create your own festival atmosphere with a beer in your hand, when cracking upen the many activities and get ready to laugh all day! No summer is complete without a garden party package! 

    £ 316.90
    £ 209.90
    Holiday Party Package
    In stock

    The summer is no-way near done! Bring the party to your frontdoor and enjoy hours of fun with this package! The sky's the limit with this box of fun and laughter! 

    £ 256.90
    £ 179.90
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    Pool Beer Pong
    Out of stock - available on 27. Aug

    Pool Beer Pong is genius for your summer holidays! This version is the little brother of the Deluxe Edition and it works just fine. Bring it to the beach and challenge your friends! Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier

    £ 28.90
    £ 21.90
    In stock

    SplitT-Pong is the new challenging game for the pool and sea! Brilliant game you can't do without for the summer - also perfect for Beer Pong! .

    £ 293.90
    £ 210.90
  6. Pool Beer Pong Deluxe
    In stock

    Pool Beer Pong Deluxe is the Deluxe version of our Pool Beer Pong! - Take Beer Pong into the water. There is a cooler for the drinks and then you are ready for at hot game in the water! - Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 44.90
  7. Flamingo Beach Toy
    In stock

    Flamingo beach toy for the pool! Perfect for a fun theme party, for relaxing in the sun or taking the right pictures - the possibilities are endless.

    £ 41.90
  8. Air Mattress Deluxe
    In stock

    Super quality air mattress that is perfect for Festivals, Party trips to the South, Tanning on the water and much more.

    £ 16.90
  9. Hawaii Palm Cooler
    In stock

    Hawaii Palm tree that is inflatable and designed to cool your beverages, in a beautiful and creative design!

    £ 30.90
  10. Hawaii Necklace set
    Out of stock - 8 - 12 days

    Hawaii Necklace with two bracelets are mandatory both for Theme party, but also to the ordinary summer in northern and southern Europe!

    £ 4.50
  11. Hawaii Skirt
    In stock

    This Hawaii Skirt is unavoidable for the Hawaiian theme party! No matter if you are a boy or a girl, this skirt is a winner!

    £ 5.50
  12. Colourful Paper Lanterns 40 cm
    In stock

    Paper lanterns for your next colourful party! Your party decorations will never be boring with these lanterns, as they are sold in multiple colours. 

    £ 3.90
  13. 19
    Beach Volleyball
    In stock

    A Beach Volleyball is Must-have thing for the beach and the summer. Get ready for the upcoming volleyball tournament with a quality ball from

    £ 15.90
    £ 12.90
  14. Beer Bowling Set
    In stock

    With this kit you ensure the whole camp's ultimate festival games. What is a summer garden party without this set?

    Buy your own beer bowling set right here

    £ 15.90
  15. Football size 5
    In stock

    A football can be played with anywhere an can be used for a lot of different games at the beach or in the garden.

    £ 10.50
  16. Inflatable Float
    In stock

    This inflatable float is perfect for the garden, the beach, festival or outdoor concerts. The floater will inflate easily and is a great and very comfy alternative to the classic fold out chair or beach towel.  

    £ 17.90