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  1. 24 NEWS
    Shoulder Cooler Bag
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    With our shoulder cooler bag you'll have a easy and elegant way to bring your chilled cans.

    £ 12.50
    £ 9.50
  2. 4-Legged Racing Game Kit
    In stock

    4-legged racing game kit for your ultimate teambuilding games! Fun and memorable scenarious are quaranteed as you try and reach the finish line first. 

    £ 21.90
  3. Twister
    In stock

    Everyone knows the classic game of Twister! Spin and test the flexibility of the players by making them place their hands and feet on the colourful mat. The one last standing will be the winner! 

    £ 23.90
  4. Breathalyzer (BAC)
    In stock

    The breathalyzer is the perfect gadget for revealing if your friends are only pretending to drink while you are playing a drinking game! 

    £ 4.90
  5. 19
    Professional Alcohol Tester
    In stock

    Buy your own Professional Alcohol Tester and get an accurate indication of what you and your friends alcohol level are.

    £ 32.90
    £ 26.50
  6. 14
    Smash Ball
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    This fun game is perfect for a day out in the sun or a trip to the beach with the friends. Anyone can join beacuse it is easy to lean, but still challenging! 

    £ 41.90
    £ 35.90
  7. Klask
    In stock

    The perfect family game! No matter the age this game will get the fun competition going! A great alternative to the classic board games. 

    £ 29.90
  8. Hand Cart
    In stock

    The Hand cart is a necessity for your upcoming carnival. Perfect to carry around beverages, loudspeakers and other gadgets.

    £ 46.90
  9. Ladder Golf Bolas 6x
    In stock

    Bolas are a must-have for ladder golf! Often ladder golf is played four people againts each other. Here you get the opportunity to buy two extra colours which gives you a total of four colours for your next game of ladder golf. 

    £ 11.50
  10. Spin The Bottle
    Out of stock - 8 - 12 days

    Spin the bottle, gives your party a fun twist! Challenge your friends with questions, consequences or shots - or just play a game where anyone can paticipate and the loser must take a shot! 

    £ 7.90
  11. Spinning Shot Drinking Game
    Out of stock - available on 2. Aug

    Spinning Shot is a drinking game, which get people to drink some shots. The game is in its simplicity that you drink if you answer yes to the question the arrow points towards.

    £ 11.90
  12. Buzz Shot Game
    In stock

    If you loose the buzz shot game you do a shot. Drinking a lot means the game gets more complicated which also means that this game has the cabability of making you and your friends really drunk!

    £ 10.90
  13. 31 NEWS
    4x Ice shot glasses
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Shot glasses made of ice. This ice cube tray for 4x shot glasses is genius. It is both fun and smart. Ice cold shots is the way to go.

    £ 12.90
    £ 8.90
  14. 4x Bomb Shotsglasses
    In stock

    This is quality Bomb Shot Glasses! Bomb Shot glasses are perfect if you want a shot glass that works properly for mixing jagerbombs.

    £ 3.90
  15. Skull Shot Glass 2x
    In stock

    Dare to be different! No matter the occasion these cool skull shot glasses are the perfect addition. They spice up the party, makes it scary and can hold 4 cl! 

    £ 4.90
  16. Skull head + 2 shots glasses
    In stock

    Skull head + 2 matching skull head shot glasses. It is for those who want to store the alcohol a little more sophisticated than the neighbor, and at the same time to drink it from a cool skull head.

    £ 21.50