Gentlemen's Night

Whisky on the rocks & cigars

Gentlemen's Night! Are you going to spend the night with your homies - a Gentlemen’s Night? Yes! You found the right spot! You need a bowler hat, bow tie, whisky and cigars. All men appreciate the sophisticated evening where women are banned. Put your feet up on the table, pour a 25-year-old whisky in a glass and fire up a cigar. Only man-talk allowed!

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    Stay-The-Fuck-Home Package
    In stock

    The stay-the-fuck-home package provides the right mood and hours of fun at home. Use the package at parties or on a regular week day with your friends. You don't have to go out when having this package! 

    £ 185.00
    £ 115.00
    Team Trip Package
    In stock

    All our bestsellers in one package! This huge box of fun will provide you and your team the right atmosphere no matter the surroundings! Don't miss out! 

    £ 436.90
    £ 322.90
  3. 11 NEWS
    Adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 2 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
  4. 11 NEWS
    4-way adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 4 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
  5. 11 NEWS
    6-way adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 6 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
  6. Whiskey Rocks
    In stock

    Whisky Rocks are for those who want whisky, brandy, rum or something else just as it is and NOT diluted by ice cubes.

    £ 11.50
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    Steel Ice Cubes 4X
    Out of stock - available on 10. Dec

    Reusable steel ice cubes keep your drink cold and ensure that it is not diluted by melting ice cubes.

    £ 13.50
    £ 10.90
  8. Skull head + 2 shots glasses
    In stock

    Skull head + 2 matching skull head shot glasses. It is for those who want to store the alcohol a little more sophisticated than the neighbor, and at the same time to drink it from a cool skull head.

    £ 21.50
  9. Skull Shot Glass 2x
    In stock

    Dare to be different! No matter the occasion these cool skull shot glasses are the perfect addition. They spice up the party, makes it scary and can hold 4 cl! 

    £ 4.90
  10. 16 NEWS
    Whiskey Decanter Globe With Glasses
    Out of stock - available on 15. Dec

    Beautiful and luxurious globe for whiskey. Inside there is a fantastic ship made of glass. Everyone will envy you!

    £ 48.50
    £ 40.50
    Whiskey Decanter AK 47 With Glasses
    Out of stock - available on 15. Dec

    Beautiful and luxurious decanter for whiskey shaped like an AK-47. Everyone will envy you!

    £ 103.90
    £ 84.90
  12. Black Bowler Hat
    In stock

    Cool and stylish Bowler hat! If you and your friends want to show up to the party / event with style, then this Bowler Hat is a must have!

    £ 11.50
  13. 14
    Shock Band
    In stock

    Shock band is an incredibly fun gadget – make your friend wear it and give him/her a shock when he/she least expects it.

    £ 28.50
    £ 24.50
  14. 34
    Winner shirt
    In stock

    Winner Shirt - Party, fun and drinks often resultat in competitions, which is why the Winner Shirt has been made.

    £ 17.90
    £ 11.90
  15. Wine Cork With Lock
    In stock

    The ultimate wine cork for a wine lover extraordinare! With this cork you will insure that you are the only one to open your wine bottles as it locks with a code of your own choice! 

    £ 5.90
  16. 26 NEWS
    Ring Bottle Opener
    In stock

    Your unique possibility of having a bottle opener close by all the time! The perfect accessory for opening bottles quick and easy!

    £ 3.90
    £ 2.90

This is the kind of nights where you actually can feel the hair grow on your chest! To complete a Gentlemen's Night it is essential that you do the “theme” completely. Therefore has several must-have gadgets for your upcoming lodge meeting! It’s important that you complete the style to secure the Gentlemen look and attitude all the way around.

For your next lodge meeting or the sophisticated Gentlemen’s Night we recommend a few different gadgets / clothing which ensures the good style. Initially, we recommend the black bowler hat – it shows the authority and has a stylish look. With this, you can’t miss the black bow tie, which indicate that it is not for fun. The next recommended gadget are the underrated Whisky stones / rocks which keep the concentration of your precious rum / whisky / cognac. There is nothing worse than an ice diluted good scotch and therefore Whisky Rocks are must-have! To peak this sophisticated style, you must finish the look with black sunglasses for all members.

Maybe your kind of a Gentlemen’s night is more like having an extreme party night like party animals, and if this is the case, we recommend something completely different. A real party animal evening with the boys is about drinking and competing. It's something men understand just as well as the classy evening! Recommendable competitions could be drinking Beer Bongs as fast as possible. Who is faster at emptying one, two or three beers in a Beer Bong, and can you beat the record of 2 beers in 1.56 seconds? Apart from the regular Viking and funnel Beer Bongs you can get the Breast Beer Bong that would fit in perfectly for an evening with the lads.

Of course, Beer Bongs are not the only things to belong at a Gentlemen’s Night, but also Drinking Games, including Beer Pong. Such an evening with the theme of Beer Pong tournament would be more than perfect! We offer the cheapest and the best Beer Pong Tables online, and therefore there is absolutely no excuse to not buy one and setup this tournament! For such an evening it’s imaginable that there will be drunk lots of alcohol, and why not measure exactly how much each other has drunk with the Professional Alcohol Tester? It’s always fun to compare with each other and see how high your friend’s blood alcohol levels are after a Drinking Game and during the evening. At the same time it’s also useful as an indication, whether if the taxi should be called.

The Bartender kit should of course not be forgotten, so that you can make your favourite drinks all night! If you and your friends are going on a trip, you must of course bring the Mobile Draft Beer equipment, which includes a dispenser and has a capacity of 3 litres of beer. It’s simply indispensable. Don’t you think that everybody around you need to know that you and the boys are in town? Remember the Megaphone and get the party started! At last, but not least, you must get a Pool Beer Pong and bring it along for the trip to the southern beaches!