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  1. Giant Spider
    In stock

    Let people face their worst nightmares. A giant and hairy spider.

    £ 7.90
  2. Fake Spiders 40X
    In stock

    Scary realistic spiders that can scare anyone who meets them on their way. Perfect for pranks and parties!

    £ 3.50
  3. Cobweb With Spiders
    Available on 2. Feb

    Creepy fake cobwebs with spiders. Perfect for scaring your guests for the Halloween party.

    £ 0.70
  4. Spider Prank Box
    In stock

    We all know someone who's afraid of spiders. Scare your friends, family, schoolmates and many more with this Spider Prank Box. No one knows what to expect!  

    £ 6.90
  5. Headband With Saw
    In stock

    The world's easiest costume. You're going to look like someone who should not be alive.

    £ 4.50
  6. Headband With Butcher Knife
    Available on 3. Jan

    The world's easiest costume. You're going to look like someone who at least shouldn't be alive.

    £ 3.90
  7. Warning Tape Halloween
    In stock

    Perfect for the halloween party. Easy to use and scares anyone.

    £ 5.50
  8. Fake Blood
    In stock

    Realistically scary fake blood for costumes and halloween.

    £ 8.90
  9. Halloween Skeleton
    In stock

    Should he sit, stand or hang? He can do it all. Also scare your guests.

    £ 6.90
  10. 37
    In stock

    The beer bong collection has got a new member in the family, the Beerstick. This is the new and fun way to drink a beer in under 2 seconds. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 18.90
    £ 11.90
  11. Party Shot Syringes 60 ml
    In stock

    Fun shot syringes for the theme / halloween party. They can be filled with a shot and quickly emptied into a friend's mouth.

    £ 1.20
  12. 10x Dry ice shots glass
    In stock

    Now you can drink dry ice shots! Buy your own shots glasses now and make the coolest shots for the party! Buy now and make your shots a little bit more interesting.</p

    £ 48.90
  13. Dry Ice Drink Sticks 10x
    In stock

    Dry ice drink sticks are here to stay! A perfect and cool solution for keeping your drink cold. Be the first among your friends to buy this! 

    £ 35.90
  14. 34
    Halloween Paper Garland Ghost
    In stock

    Are you arranging a Halloween Party? Then this Halloween Paper Garland with ghosts is a musthave!

    £ 5.90
    £ 3.90
  15. Halloween Garland Pumpkin
    In stock

    Are you throwning a Halloween- ore theme party this Pumpkin Garland will be perfect. 

    £ 3.50
  16. Black Lanterns
    In stock

    Paper lanterns in black for the theme party. Hang them in trees and create a cozy and festive atmosphere.

    £ 2.50