Mexican Themeparty


Are you hosting a party with Mexican theme, or are you going to celebrate the day of the dead? Then you have come to the right place! Find both Mexican themed outfits, decorations and drinking games.

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To host the perfect Mexican fiesta, you must greet your guests with both party gadgets, decorations and costumes in the right colours. You want to give your guests the feeling of them being at a party in Mexico! And what is a Mexican party even without a Piñata, Mexican flag, cactuses and colourful paper lanterns? Nada!

That is also why these things are some of the most essential accessories for a Mexican theme party. If it seems too unmanageable to decorate yourself, we already created a Mexican theme party pack with all the decorations you need! 


Maybe you have already noticed that the way the Mexicans dresses are quite unique – especially the party attire. On that behalf we would recommend the sombrero, a Mexican poncho and maybe even a Mexican moustache for the men. It will defiantly help you feel the most Mexican and will get the good vibes going at the Mexican fiesta. 

You can also buy some hats or moustaches to decorate the table, make all of your guests wear and therefore also match. That will for sure look cool on the pictures and selfies that is taken all night like this.


If you’re arranging a Mexican theme party, it needs to be really authentic. This also means that you must prepare some Mexican party entertainments, and this can be done in multiple ways depending on your preferences. If you want to challenge your guests on their dancing performance, a salsa dance off would be perfect! Get the hips going and keep your guests hydrated with some real Mexican themed cocktails such as a margarita or whatever you prefer. Let your imagination run riot. For this purpose, we recommend you our drink dispenser or cocktail set.

Then you are guaranteed a well-arranged party that most likely will bring a big smile on you and your guest’s lips and ensure a party that you never will forget!