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Beer Pong table w. LED-diodes in stylish & classic design! NEWS with built-in LED-diodes underneath the cups. Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!


  • Beer Pong table with LED-diodes under the cups
  • Scratch-free and waterproof playing surface with the best print quality online
  • Size unfolded: 240x60x70 cm (folded 62x62x14 cm)
  • Portable with handles
  • Upgraded: 0.5 cm thick playing surface + aluminum cross under each playing surface
  • Highest quality of Beer Pong Tables with adjustable height
  • Weight: 11kg House Rules

Europe’s leading and preferred supplier of both Beer Pong Tables, Red Cups, Blue Cups and Beer Pong Balls for both Private and Bars and Discos. have a new and classic design with LED-diodes underneath the cups, so the cups light up! The LED-diodes take Beer Pong to a brand new level.

This table is in the best quality and at the same time it is the cheepest price incl. delevery you find online. Do as many other people, use as your permanent supplier of products.´s Beer Pong tables and Beer Pong set are in many bars and discos. We are your ambitious beer pong supplier.

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