New Year's Eve

New Year's eve with style

New Year's Eve! Jump into the New Year with style and fun gadgets! New Year's Eve is a good mix of champagne, New Year speech, delicious food and party all night long. Everybody has had a New Year’s Eve where everything went perfectly. At we sell various practical and fun gadgets to this important evening!

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    Glitter Curtain
    In stock

    Whetever it is used as a curtain at the entrance or as a background on pictures the glitter curtain is an ideal item for the purposes.

    £ 4.90
  2. Photobooth Sticks New Year
    In stock

    Photobooth Sticks has become super popular and we understand why! These makes your new years pictures so festive and creates fun memories. 

    £ 3.90
  3. 20 NEWS
    LED Bottle Light 10X
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    With this LED Bottle Light your bottles will never disappear in the dark.

    £ 14.90
    £ 11.90
  4. 22 NEWS
    Disco Light
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Throw the coolest party with your own dance floor and disco light.

    £ 18.50
    £ 14.50
  5. 11 NEWS
    Champagne Bowl
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Robust and stylish champagne bowl made of stainless steel.

    £ 55.50
    £ 49.50
    Champagne Gun
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Super fun champagne gun that none of your friends own. Take the party to a whole new level.

    £ 66.90
    £ 64.50
  7. 32 NEWS
    Round Ice Cube Tray
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Why just have normal ice cubes when you can have round ice cubes in your drink.

    £ 12.50
    £ 8.50
  8. 11 NEWS
    6-way adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 6 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
  9. 11 NEWS
    4-way adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 4 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
  10. 11 NEWS
    Beer Snorkel Bottle Beer Bong
    In stock

    The party starter. Lets you empty a bottle faster and more evenly. Challenge your friends!

    £ 18.90
    £ 16.90
  11. 11 NEWS
    Adapter For Beer Snorkel
    In stock

    Let it get wilder. Try 2 drinks at once. Challenge your friends!

    £ 9.50
    £ 8.50
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    Beer Snorkel Can Beer Bong
    In stock

    The party starter. Lets you empty a can faster and more evenly. Challenge your friends!

    £ 17.50
  13. 24
    Streamers 3x
    In stock

    It's never been easier to dress up for a party than with streamers. The colorful paper rings makes it a breeze to dress up nice for your guests. Moreover, it is fun to blow them into the air.

    £ 2.90
    £ 2.20
  14. Red Carpet, 5x1 Meter
    In stock

    Show your quests that they are important to you and that you value their pressence with this red carpet. So roll out the this fancy party accessory and make the right entrance for your guests!

    £ 14.90
  15. Glass Rimmer
    In stock

    The perfect cocktail needs this glass rimmer! An elegant solution which also gives to the possibility to store salt, sugar and maybe even lime slices? Everything you need to complete your favourite cocktail. 

    £ 11.90
  16. 29
    LED Bar Sign
    In stock

    Provide the perfect atmosphere for either your next party or a specific room with this fancy LED bar sign. 

    £ 41.90
    £ 29.90

New Year's Eve can, roughly said, be held in two ways. The first way is for party animals where it’s all about getting drunk, and the other way is the more sophisticated evening with cocktails, Bowler hat and cigars. What kind of New Year celebration are you going to have and which gadgets fits best for your type of New Year's Eve?

We have a lot of recommendations for both type of parties. Initially, it’s important to mix some good cocktails. In addition, of course, the Bartender set is recommended together with our alcohol Pourer. With these two investments, you ensure the important equipment to enhance the quality of delicious drinks.

A recommendation for the men who celebrate the evening together without women, is to invest in Whiskey Rocks! No one likes to have diluted their precious drops whether it's Whiskey, Brandy or Rum. This fits perfectly with your New Years’ cigar, which is also mandatory. For your delicious Rum, you obviously also need the popular Skull Head with accompanying shot glasses.... That is clear. To spice up your dress style, it’s also a must at the sophisticated evening to buy’s stylish black Bowler hat and black Bow tie. At this point the party starts to look like some serious stuff!

A recommendation for the ladies is obviously one of our various New Year's Hats and Drinking Games. Spin the shot and Shots Roulette are very popular games and after dinner, or more likely simultaneously, these games should be tested. In addition, we have a recommendation for the Theme set in silver with Hats, Crowns and Horns!

To top of the night, try the Prosecco Beer Pong set for your Beer Pong table! This version is perfect for the last evening of the year and the champagne is to be poured. The festive version of the classic Beer Pong is guaranteed to bring you lots of fun during the night, and with its fun pink Beer pong balls, it is also perfect for a New Year’s Eve girls only edition.

If you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a Party Animal, we recommend a lot of gadgets! Obviously you must get a Viking Beer Bong (stylish and exclusive) and of course a Beer Pong Table and associated set would be appreciated. In this way the main ingredients are ready to take your party to a new possible level.

New Year's Eve is like so many other celebrations - an evening where you party with your best friends and / or family and have lots of fun. But especially this evening is a little more special than any other, because it’s the day were you evaluate the past year and focuses on the upcoming year. Many people have New Year's resolutions and big plans for things to be achieved in the New Year. When we are talking of this important and special evening, you got no excuses but to bring the big canons!; Party gadgets!