New Year's Eve

New Year's eve with style

New Year's Eve! Jump into the New Year with style and fun gadgets! New Year's Eve is a good mix of champagne, New Year speech, delicious food and party all night long. Everybody has had a New Year’s Eve where everything went perfectly. At we sell various practical and fun gadgets to this important evening!

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    Glass Dispenser With Tap 2 Gallon
    Out of stock - available on 16. Nov

    Prepare the drinks before the party and serve them neatly in these glass dispensers.

    £ 36.90
    £ 32.90
  2. Drink Dispenser
    In stock

    Mix your own Whisky Cola, Gin & Tonic or your secret punch bowl and use this drink dispenser to pour the drinks! Quick and easy! 

    £ 11.90
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    Popcorn machine
    In stock

    Make real cinema popcorn home now to the movie night or to the party. Perfect for the very good evenings.

    £ 46.90
    £ 35.90
    BongZilla Beer Bong
    In stock

    BongZilla Beer Bong is a famous 6-headed Beer Bong that has newly entered the webshop. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!


    £ 95.90
    £ 71.90
    3 x Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 100 cm
    In stock

    Offer!! 3 pcs. Viking Extreme Beer Bongs 100 cm - Recommended by Some call it “the monster” and others don’t even dare talking about it.


    £ 95.90
    £ 81.90
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    3 x Viking Beer Bongs 67 cm
    In stock

    Offer! 3 Viking Beer Bongs 67 cm - Best Beer Bongs on the market. Buy now for you and your friends! Recommended by - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 68.90
    £ 56.90
    3 x Viking Beer Bongs 100 cm
    In stock

    Offer!! 3x Viking Beer Bongs 100 cm - Beer Bongs for you and the crew! Recommended by - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!


    £ 77.90
    £ 65.90
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    Viking Extreme Beer Bong 100 cm
    In stock

    The Viking Extreme Beer Bong 100 cm is the biggest and the best Beer Bong yet, with a technology that optimizes both the capacity and the speed - Recommended by

    £ 31.90
    £ 29.90
    Beer Pong table Diodes
    Out of stock - available on 18. Dec

    Beer Pong table w. LED-diodes in stylish & classic design! NEWS with built-in LED-diodes underneath the cups. Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!


    £ 159.00
    £ 139.00
    Beer Pong Table LED
    In stock

    Beer Pong Bord LED i Stilrent & Klassisk design! NYHED med LED-lys indbygget langs bordets kanter. Vær den første blandt vennerne! Europas førende Beer Pong leverandør.


    £ 149.00
    £ 99.90
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    Beer Pong
    In stock

    Don't miss this opportunity to buy the cheapest and best beer pong set on the market! 

    £ 7.90
    £ 5.90
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    Red Cups 50x
    In stock

    These are 100% Original American Red Cups. These cups can be used for a lot of drinking games and tournaments, like beer pong and themed parties. - Europe´s leading Red Cup and Blue Cup supplier!

    NB! Cheapest price online of Blue Cups despite the highest quality!

    £ 11.50
    £ 9.50
    ET 200 Breathalyzer
    In stock

    High quality breathalyzer with a prize to match! Get a precise indication of the alcohol level you and your friends have reached with this neat gadget! 


    £ 114.90
    £ 84.90
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    Professional Alcohol Tester
    In stock

    Buy your own Professional Alcohol Tester and get an accurate indication of what you and your friends alcohol level are.

    £ 32.50
    £ 22.50
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    Hip flask 200 ml.
    In stock

    <>Hip flask made of stainless steel - Good style to the Party Animals who always want the best liquor on them.

    £ 14.90
    £ 11.90
  16. Beer counter
    In stock

    This Beer counter is so fun! Whether you are celebrating graduation or partying at a Festival, it's always fun to count how many beer you / your friends can drink during the day.

    £ 6.50

New Year's Eve can, roughly said, be held in two ways. The first way is for party animals where it’s all about getting drunk, and the other way is the more sophisticated evening with cocktails, Bowler hat and cigars. What kind of New Year celebration are you going to have and which gadgets fits best for your type of New Year's Eve?

We have a lot of recommendations for both type of parties. Initially, it’s important to mix some good cocktails. In addition, of course, the Bartender set is recommended together with our alcohol Pourer. With these two investments, you ensure the important equipment to enhance the quality of delicious drinks.

A recommendation for the men who celebrate the evening together without women, is to invest in Whiskey Rocks! No one likes to have diluted their precious drops whether it's Whiskey, Brandy or Rum. This fits perfectly with your New Years’ cigar, which is also mandatory. For your delicious Rum, you obviously also need the popular Skull Head with accompanying shot glasses.... That is clear. To spice up your dress style, it’s also a must at the sophisticated evening to buy’s stylish black Bowler hat and black Bow tie. At this point the party starts to look like some serious stuff!

A recommendation for the ladies is obviously one of our various New Year's Hats and Drinking Games. Spin the shot and Shots Roulette are very popular games and after dinner, or more likely simultaneously, these games should be tested. In addition, we have a recommendation for the Theme set in silver with Hats, Crowns and Horns!

To top of the night, try the Prosecco Beer Pong set for your Beer Pong table! This version is perfect for the last evening of the year and the champagne is to be poured. The festive version of the classic Beer Pong is guaranteed to bring you lots of fun during the night, and with its fun pink Beer pong balls, it is also perfect for a New Year’s Eve girls only edition.

If you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a Party Animal, we recommend a lot of gadgets! Obviously you must get a Viking Beer Bong (stylish and exclusive) and of course a Beer Pong Table and associated set would be appreciated. In this way the main ingredients are ready to take your party to a new possible level.

New Year's Eve is like so many other celebrations - an evening where you party with your best friends and / or family and have lots of fun. But especially this evening is a little more special than any other, because it’s the day were you evaluate the past year and focuses on the upcoming year. Many people have New Year's resolutions and big plans for things to be achieved in the New Year. When we are talking of this important and special evening, you got no excuses but to bring the big canons!; Party gadgets!