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  1. Breathalyzer (BAC)
    In stock

    The breathalyzer is the perfect gadget for revealing whether your friends are only pretending to drink while you are playing a drinking game! 

    £ 5.90
    ET 200 Breathalyzer
    In stock

    High quality breathalyzer with a prize to match! Get a precise indication of the alcohol level you and your friends have reached with this neat gadget! 


    £ 113.90
    £ 90.90
  3. 33
    Professional Alcohol Tester
    In stock

    Buy your own Professional Alcohol Tester and get an accurate indication of what you and your friends alcohol level are.

    £ 29.90
    £ 19.90
    Beer Pong Table LED
    In stock

    Beer Pong Bord LED in Stylish & Cool design! NEWS with LED-lightining incorporated langs along the table edge. Be one of the first ones your friends! Europes leading Beer Pong supplier.

    £ 139.90
    £ 104.90
    Beer Pong Table Aprés-ski
    Available on 3. Dec

    Professional Beer Pong Table with unique Apres-ski theme. Perfect for your next party. Best quality online. Europe’s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 129.90
    £ 90.90
    CUSTOM DESIGN - Beer Pong Table
    In stock

    Professional Beer Pong Table where you choose which design you want. This could be your logo like Friday Bar/Nightclub or private or public company - maybe your favorite team logo or something else?

    £ 289.90
    £ 173.90
    Beer Pong Table Starry Sky
    In stock

    Professional Beer Pong Table with unique Starry Sky print! Play the popular game today, its the funniest game - Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 119.90
    £ 83.90
    Beer Pong Table Flip Cup
    In stock

    Professional Beer Pong Table with unique Flip Cup drawings on the sides. Cool and stylish design that fits every event! - Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!


    £ 119.90
    £ 83.90
    Beer Pong Table Holes
    In stock

    This beer pong table with holes is the ideal table for playing beer pong outside! The red and blue cups will fit perfectly in the holes, which means they won't topple easy.

    £ 129.90
    £ 94.90
  10. 20
    Red Cups 50x
    In stock

    These are 100% Original American Red Cups. These cups can be used for a lot of drinking games and tournaments, like beer pong and themed parties. - Europe´s leading Red Cup and Blue Cup supplier!

    £ 11.90
    £ 9.50
  11. 20
    Beer Pong Set
    In stock

    If you want to add competitiveness to your party, but still have a lot of fun celebrating, this Beer Pong Set is the perfect solution for you! Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 19.90
    £ 15.90
  12. 20
    Blue Cups 50x
    In stock

    Blue Cups with a SOLO-design - 100 % original American blue cups. Perfect to get your party started! 

    £ 11.90
    £ 9.50
  13. 22
    Beer Pong Set with Cups and Balls
    In stock

    Don't miss this opportunity to buy the cheapest and best Beer Pong Set with Cups and Balls on the market! 

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
    As low as £ 5.90
  14. 13
    Flip Cup
    In stock

    The ultra popular American game "Flip Cup" has come to stay. Buy the perfect cups for a perfect game of Flip Cup. Who has the best team?

    £ 14.90
    £ 12.90
    As low as £ 11.90
  15. 34
    6-pack Table Tennis Balls
    In stock

    Table Tennis Balls in excellent quality for the Beer Pong enthusiast who wants best quality on all parameters.

    £ 5.90
    £ 3.90
    As low as £ 2.80
  16. 22
    Beer Pong balls 10 pcs
    Available on 17. Dec

    There's nothing worse than stopping a Beer Pong Game because of damaged or lost balls - therefore remember to be prepared with enough Beer Pong balls. - Europe's leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 4.50
    £ 3.50
    As low as £ 2.50


Oktoberfest is an old German tradition which is more than 200 years old, and as the name indicates, Oktoberfest is a party that is held in October. But we do not see a problem with celebrating the love of beer all year. Therefore, we have some great ideas to how you can have a theme party like this - also in February! That is exactly why we have extended our selection of Oktoberfest party props. Now we offer, among other thing, German clothing for males, fancy Oktoberfest dress’ for women, Beer Mugs and different beer gifts. 

Beer Pong is highly underestimated as it is often forgotten at these theme parties! With that being said, it is a game EVERYBODY wants to pay at a party. Remember that when seeing our Beer Pong Table and Beer Pong Set, which guarantees hours of great entertainment. Simultaneously, it is a game people of all ages can play - both men and women! 


Obviously, you must get the correct Oktoberfest outfit, which can be found at this page. If you are a man, take a look at our nice Oktoberfest costume with quality Lederhosen. The deluxe lederhosen mens outfit is our Deluxe Lederhosen for the Tyrolean party - a set we would recommend.

We also offer a selection of Tyrolean dresses for ladies, to complete the traditional Oktoberfest outfit. Take a look at the Tyrolean dress in a shorter version with sewn apron. 

Once you are in the original Oktoberfest outfit, you will get the feeling that you have come to the right place. So, get the Bavarian themed party going, and have an amazing party!

There is no doubt about that the Beer Helmet is a perfect match for this type of celebration as well. Buy a Beer Helmet and you are guaranteed two beers on top all the time. In addition, you drink hands-free, when you for example sit and throw dices.


In Munich people really understand to boost the autumn with Oktoberfest! There are huge tents with hundreds of thousands of people attending these parties. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to drink Beers all night. It is a part of the culture that we adapted in the rest of Europe and it is a fantastic development. Theme parties are in some way always the parties that you remember in a good way! Remember to do as our German friends; Cool Costumes and funny Gadgets!

Prepare yourself with all the things that make your evening more fun and legendary! Always remember to look through Thebeerbong.co.uk before your next theme party, get inspiration and see our offers.


What is better than celebrating the love for beer than drinking ‘Direkt vom Fass!’ as they would say in Germany? Check out our Oktoberfest costume ideas, decorations and some Oktoberfest party ideas and games.